Thursday, 28 December 2017

How to find Cheap Flight Tickets

Etihad Airways A350

Saving money is very important during Travels. Flights and Hotels are a big part of travel expenditure. Thus, it is important to find the cheapest rates for your flights. A long time back, we posted a Blog – “How to find accommodation for your Trip”. In this Blog, we will discuss how you can find good deals on your flight tickets. These tricks will help you find cheap tickets for all your Air Travels. The information in this Blog is based on inputs from our Followers, Travelers, Travel Agents and other Travel Bloggers. Also, these suggestions apply for all Domestic and International Airfares. Let’s get started…….

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Gold Coast: A Breath-taking Paradise in Australia

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Gold Coast is a fabulous travel destination in Australia. Located 77 kms from Brisbane, Gold Coast is a party destination Down Under. Tourists from all around the world visit the city. Surrounded by Beaches, it is very popular among European travellers. Every year, millions of tourists visit Gold Coast to enjoy a fun filled vacation. Gold Coast has vibrant beaches, adventure theme parks, magnificent skyline and famous Nightclubs. It is a beautiful getaway for Friends, Families and Couples. With year-round Sunshine, Golden Beaches and Theme Parks, Gold Coast is a perfect Holiday Destination.

Monday, 4 December 2017

10 Most Popular Countries for Backpack Tours


Backpack trips are great. Whether you are travelling alone, or with friends, you need to select a beautiful destination.  In this World, there are a lot of places that suit backpackers. Some are great cities, while some are specific geographic areas. In this Blog, we will list 10 Countries which are Best for Backpackers. We have compiled this list based on Popularity, Prices, Culture, Places to see, Backpack Accommodations, Travel Convenience, Beauty, Food and Safety. These Countries are a comprehensive package of everything. The information in this Blog is based on inputs from Backpackers, Travelers, Travel Agents, Travel Bloggers and our followers. Let’s get started…….

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Nainital : A Beautiful Hill Station in India

Naini Lake

Nainital is one of the best Hill Stations in India. It is situated in the state of Uttarakhand in Northern India, and is 300 kms away from Delhi. Every year thousands of tourists visit Nainital. Majority of them are Indians from other states. Foreign tourists are very rare. It is yet to be discovered by Foreign Travellers. It is thus, a hidden gem in the hills. A few days back, we posted a Blog on Cesky Krumlov, a small town in Czech Republic. Nainital is also like Cesky Krumlov. In fact, Nainital is slightly bigger than Cesky Krumlov. Nainital is not only famous among tourists and backpackers, but its also a great venue for Weddings and Film shootings. It is a place worth exploring…..

Sunday, 5 November 2017

Group Tour Etiquettes

Group Tour

Group Tours are a very famous concept in Tourism. It involves people who are keen on visiting and exploring a common place. Just like a Corporate Group, it has a fixed goal. Thus, it is important that all Group Members are focussed towards it. In a Tour Group, the goal is to follow the Travel itinerary in an efficient manner.  It is the responsibility of all group members to coordinate and cooperate with one another. A few months back, we posted a Blog – “Pros and Cons of Group Tours”, which many of you really liked. In this Blog, we will share the Basic etiquettes that you should have when in a Group Tour. The information in this Blog is based on inputs from Travel Guides, Travel Companies and regular Travelers. Let’s get started…….

Friday, 20 October 2017

Characteristics of a Good Airport

Istanbul international airport.

Airports are very important for an economy. They not only facilitate economic activity, but also allow foreigners to travel through them.  Their contribution to GDP is very high. It allows Foreign Currency to flow through them. Commercial Flights, Cargo Flights and Business Travel is very well handled by an Airport. Thus, it’s important to have a Good Airport in your city and Country. In this Blog, we will share some important characteristics of a Good Airport. A Good Airport increases economic activity, and helps improve GDP. Also, it is an important way to generate employment. So, let’s get started…….

Friday, 6 October 2017

Research about your Travel Destination

Travel Research

Research is very important when you are travelling. A quick search about your travel destination can help you in exploring more places. In recent years, we have seen travellers doing research about their destination, and planning their trips accordingly. Many times, it has been seen that Travel Agents and Travel Guides don’t share much information. They sometimes even fool you by showing unnecessary places. Also, once abroad you cannot wholly trust the locals. Thus, a small research can help you in being prepared for the experience. In this Blog, we will share some ways in which you can research about your Travel Destination. Though most of the points are related to the Internet, but they will keep you informed about almost everything. Let’s get started…….


Thursday, 28 September 2017

Guide to the Pink City: Jaipur


Jaipur is the capital of the state of Rajasthan in India. Also known as the Pink City, Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist spots in India.  Located 281 km from Delhi, Jaipur is a city of Palaces, Forts and Monuments.  This Beautiful Royal city is a symbol of Indian Culture and Heritage. The Architecture depicts the History and Tradition of Ancient India. As India is an inexpensive place, Jaipur can be explored even with a low budget.  A close Proximity to Delhi, Tourist Attractions, Bustling Markets and Exotic Food has made this city a hit among Foreign and Indian Tourists.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Effective Time Management in Travel


Time is equivalent to Money. You must have heard this phrase everywhere and every day. It’s not only true in Business, but also in day to day life. Travel is an important part of life. Time Management can help you in exploring more in less time. Punctuality and Time Management always help travellers in successfully completing their trip. A missed Train, Flight, Ship or Bus can spoil the whole purpose of your trip. In this Blog, we will list down a few points that will help you in better time management while travelling. Time Management helps you in becoming a responsible Global Citizen, so read the following carefully. Let’s get started…….

Friday, 8 September 2017

Cesky Krumlov : A Hidden Gem in Europe

cesky krumlov

Situated 175 kms from Prague, is the town of Cesky Krumlov. It is a small and beautiful town in the South Bohemia region of Czech Republic. Cesky Krumlov is located on the banks of Vltava River, and was built below a magnificent Castle founded in the 13th century. The Bohemia region is in south western part of Czech Republic, close to the Austrian and German borders. The drive to Cesky Krumlov is very scenic. You will get a feel of the Czech countryside.  The quiet countryside feel of this town has attracted tourists from all over the world. In 1992, it was also declared as a World Heritage site by UNESCO. Many people say that Cesky Krumlov is a hidden gem in is certainly a hidden Gem or a small Heaven on the countryside. Today, the town sees millions of tourists every year.  The growing popularity of Eastern European countries has helped this town in placing itself on the World Map.

Friday, 25 August 2017

10 Things you should know while Travelling to India


India is a vibrant Country. It is not only where 360 Traveller is based, but also the second most populated country in the world. Tourism in India was low in the 1990s. it has grown in the 21st century, thanks to some emerging tourist attractions and Promotions.  In the last few years, the Indian Government has taken steps to improve the Tourist flow in the country. These efforts have paid off well. Tourism is now growing in the region. Many foreigners now want to visit India. This Blog is just for them. In this Blog, we will discuss things you should remember before visiting India. These points will help you in making your trip a memorable one. Let’s get started…….

Thursday, 17 August 2017

The Fairy-Tale city of Prague

Prague Castle

Prague is the capital of Czech Republic. Situated in Eastern Europe, Prague is an Architectural Fairy-tale city. Prague began as a tiny settlement on the banks of the River Vltava over 1000 years ago. Prague is today a world famous architectural jewel, attracting millions of tourists from all over the world.  The cobblestone streets rarely follow a straight line, the city is a labyrinth where even locals get lost.  Home to over 1.2 million people, Prague is the 14th largest city in the European Union.  This was a place designed for Horse Cart and walking, so have some comfortable shoes. Thus, walking is the best way of exploring the city. Famous for its Architecture, Lifestyle, Food and Nightlife, Prague is an emerging tourist Destination.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

10 Best Low-Cost Carriers of the World


Low Cost Carriers or Budget Airlines are now the most popular mode of transport. They provide cheap tickets with no extra service. Full Service Carriers or FSCs, provide luxurious services such as In-Flight Meals, Reclining seats, Airport Lounges, etc. Nowadays, FSCs are losing their charm among travellers. Tourists always prefer LCCs. Business Travelers are still flying on FSCs for luxurious services and Privacy. A few weeks back, we posted a Blog – “10 Best International Full-ServiceAirlines”. In this Blog, we will list down 10 Most Popular Budget Airlines. Please note that the rankings are based on Customer Demand, Service, Efficiency, Profitability and Popularity. Let’s get started…….

Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Musical City of Salzburg

Salzburg Austria

The Austrian city of Salzburg is situated on the Northern edge of the Alps, close to the border of Germany. Surrounded by Lakes and Mountains on the Banks of the Salzach River, few cities can match Salzburg’s Fairy tale setting.  Salzburg is a city of Bishops and Music. The city has a beautiful musical heritage.  Salzburg is the hometown of one of the giants of classical music – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Its stately Homes, Churches and Hillsides provided the settings for one of the adored musicals – The Sound of Music. Salzburg has become one of the most famous tourist destinations in Austria. Tourists now visit Salzburg with Vienna. Austria is the most Alpine Nation on the Planet, and Salzburg is a great place to experience the same.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Top 10 Best International Airlines

emirates a380

Flying is an important part of your travel.  it may be a little expensive, but allows you to travel comfortably. Airplanes are a quick and efficient way of transport. There are a lot of Airline companies in the world, offering services at reasonable prices. They all differ from each other. Some are good, while some are excellent. In this Blog, we will list the 10 Best Premium Carriers of the World. These are not Low-Cost Carriers, but Airlines with Premium services. The rankings are based on Customer Feedback, Services Offered, Safety Record, Maintenance, Passenger Handling, Fleet and Connectivity. These rankings are as per July 2017.   Let’s get started…….

Thursday, 29 June 2017

Bratislava: A Hidden Gem in Eastern Europe

Main square Bratislava

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. It is an underrated Pearl of Eastern Europe. Tourists usually are unaware of the Beauty of Bratislava. Being a small city in a small country, it has often been ignored. Thanks to the growing Tourism in Hungary, people are now getting familiar with Bratislava. Bratislava is a small architectural gem having a long history. After Slovakia got separated with Czech Republic, Bratislava became its capital. It was ruled by Austrians and Hungarians in the past. As a result, you will see Monuments, Museums and Castles having Austrian and Hungarian connections. It may have been ignored in the past, but now it’s gaining popularity among tourists.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

How to make an Airline Profitable

Air New Zealand B787

The Airline Business is the most competitive and toughest business on Earth. The industry requires a lot of Hard work, effort and Money.  it is such a tough Business, very few get it right. The Aviation Industry connects People, Culture and Countries together. Hence, it is important to get it right. Many of us don’t realise what goes through in completing a Flight. It may be a few hours journey for us, but involves many painstaking tasks. In the past, we have seen many Airline companies shutting down or going Bankrupt. They all had different reasons and circumstances. On the other hand, there are some Airline companies which are running for decades. What is the difference?  In this Blog, we will discuss in detail what makes an Airline successful. This will be a long and detailed Blog as we want you to know each and every aspect of Aviation. Let’s get started…….

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Tourism: An Extremely Sensitive Industry

Tourists at Eiffel Tower

Tourism is a very sensitive industry. It can make or break an economy. Its impact is so huge, it can single-handedly affect the GDP. A few months back we posted a Blog – “Role of Tourism in Nation Building”, where we discussed how tourism affects different industries. In this Blog, we will discuss the sensitivity and serious consequences tourism can have on a country. We will tell you about some incidents and events which damaged Tourism in some countries. These events not only led to fall in Tourism, but also in vast scale unemployment. Let’s get started…..

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Budapest : An Eastern European Gem


The Hungarian capital Budapest, is situated on the Banks of the Danube River.  It’s a Political, Economic and Cultural heart of the Nation.  It lies in the Central North of the country, and is one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in Europe. Earlier there were two cities namely Buda and Pest. Buda was in the steep western hills, while Pest in the flat plains of the East. The two cities were separated by the Danube River.  In 1873, the famous Chain Bridge was built to unify the two cities. As a result, the two cities became one with the name Budapest.  Home to over 1.7 Million people, Budapest attracts over 4 Million tourists each year. Hungary is situated in Eastern Part of Europe. This region is now gaining popularity among tourists. In the last 5 years, there has been an exponential growth in tourism. Hungary has capitalised a lot from it, thanks to the Beauty, Culture, History, Buildings and Attractions in Budapest.  It is certainly an Eastern European Gem…...

Thursday, 11 May 2017

The Beautiful City of Brisbane

Story Bridge

Brisbane is the capital of the state of Queensland. Queensland is Australia’s sunshine state and enjoys a subtropical climate. It has Hot Humid summers, and  warm sunny winters.  In Brisbane, anytime of the year is a good time for Outdoor Adventurous Activities.  The relaxing side of Brisbane can be found in  the Parklands, Museums and Bars.  Brisbane is Australia’s 3rd largest city and houses over 2 million people.  The city has turned out to be a beautiful getaway destination for tourists. The city has everything that a multicultural cosmopolitan city should have. Brisbane is a combination of Food, Culture, Beauty and Nature.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

10 Best Cities to Travel with Kids

Family on Holiday

Travelling with kids is fun. It not only gives you time with your family, but also gives your children break from studies. When travelling with kids, you need to make sure that the place is Fun and Adventurous. Different places are famous for different reasons. Some are famous among couples, while some among families. Kids usually enjoy places with Theme Parks and Adventure sports. They rarely like Beaches or Mountains. In this Blog, we will list 10 cities which you should definitely visit with kids. The listings are based on Popularity and Traveller Experiences. Let’s get started…..

Friday, 21 April 2017

Things to remember while purchasing Foreign Currency

Foreign Exchange Bureau

Money is an important part of your travel. It helps in purchasing stuff, and cope with emergencies. Money can be taken in different forms such as Credit/Debit Cards, Forex Cards, Travellers cheques, Mobile wallets, Banking Payment Apps and Physical Cash. Physical Cash is the most commonly used among people. Majority of the cash is in physical form. Hence, travellers need to have valid currency bills of the place they are visiting. Different countries have different currencies. Their exchange rate changes every second. Also, the Foreign Exchange Bureau charges different commissions at different places. It is thus, important to get the best rate at the lowest commission. Many travellers end up paying huge commissions to Foreign Currency dealers. In this Blog, we will tell you the things you should remember before purchasing Foreign Currency. The info in this Blog is based on our experiences, and inputs from other travellers. Let’s get started…….

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Goa : A Breath-taking Beach Paradise

candolim beach

Goa is a beautiful state in southern India. A state which is famous for Tourism, Nightlife, Beaches and Alcohol. It attracts tourists from all over the world. Out of all the states in India, Goa is the most popular among tourists. Tourists include both Indians as well as Foreigners. Goa has a lot of famous sights and Beaches, which attract millions of travellers all over the year. The Goa Govt. has worked very hard for Tourism in the state. Their efforts have made Goa a popular destination for western beach lovers. Goa is divided into 2 parts – North Goa and South Goa. The capital Panaji is between them.  In this Blog, we will discuss Goa in detail.

Monday, 3 April 2017

10 Most Popular Airports of the World


Airports are the biggest Economic Powerhouses of a country. They enable people to travel from one place to another, and also help Businessmen to connect with their clients. The flow of Foreign Travelers is very important for an Airport. Tourists, Businessmen, Delegates, VIPs or common man, Airports are important for everyone. Thus, it is important that Airports are made big enough to handle all this traffic. Nowadays, Airports are like 5 Star Hotels with lavish facilities. Airports are today competing with each other to stay on top. Out of these, some Airports are like Tourist spots which no one should miss.  In this Blog, we will list down 10 Most Attractive and Popular Airports of the World. The list is compiled on the basis of Passenger Experience, Efficiency and Popularity. The info in this Blog is as per traveller experiences in 2016 and 1st quarter of 2017. Let’s get started…..

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

How to make a Strong Visa Application

Travelling abroad

Visa is a big concern for all International travellers. Most of the countries require Visa for entry, and have strict rules for the same. These rules vary from place to place. Some countries give Visa easily, while some are very strict. US Visa is the most difficult, followed by UK and Schengen. In fact, US is so strict that they don’t give Visa even to genuine Tourists. Anyhow, there are a few things which all countries consider before giving a Visa. In this Blog, we will discuss how you can make a strong Visa Application. No matter wherever you live or wherever you are going, these things will make your application strong enough for selection. Please note that the information in this Blog may differ for people from /visiting War Zones. Let’s get started…..

Thursday, 2 March 2017

How to Stay Connected While Travelling

Traveller talking on phone
Staying connected is something every traveller wants. Whether you are on a short trip or long trip, you want to be in touch with your family and friends. In the past, it was really difficult for travellers to connect to their relatives. They had to rely on International Phone call booths. Now times have changed. With the advances in technology, we now have a lot of ways to stay connected with our loved ones. We have posted Blogs on Travel Accessories, Travel Apps and Social Media in the past. In this Blog, we will talk about staying connected with loved ones. These are the tips to make sure you connect with your family, whenever required. Let’s get started…..

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to Cope with Language Barriers

Local Map

Language is the mode of communication between people. When you travel abroad, it is important that you communicate with the locals. This helps in getting along with them. The locals not only guide you, but also help you understand their culture. Thus, communication in the correct language is important. English is the universal language, but there are many countries where English is not well spoken. Countries like Japan, China, Korea, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong, France and Germany have less English speaking population. This makes it difficult for travellers to communicate with the locals. This Language barrier may confuse people, and break communication. Thus, it is important to cope with these Barriers while travelling. In this Blog, we will share some tips on how to cope with Language Barriers. Let’s get started…..

Friday, 17 February 2017

The Fascinating City of Madrid

Royal Palace

Madrid is the capital of Spain. Home to over 3 million people, Madrid is the Cultural Powerhouse of Europe.  The city enjoys the reputation of being one of the liveliest cities on Earth. The city has a vibrant Nightlife, great culture and exotic cuisine.  Madrid has always been a famous tourist destination in southern Europe. Millions of tourists visit the city each year to cherish its beauty and culture. Besides that, Madrid has some great works of Art and Architecture on display. A number of Buildings, Monuments and Museums depict the Great Spanish Architecture. A few months back, we posted a Blog “Incredible Spain”, where we discussed all about travelling in Spain. In this Blog, we will discuss Madrid in detail.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Qualities of a Good Tour Operator

Professional Tour Guide

Tour Companies are Companies that offer Tour and Travel services.  These companies help arrange Travel Bookings, Flights, Tour Packages, Hotels, Sightseeing, etc.  They are also called Tour Operators. They have the responsibility of taking tourists around different places. Some companies offer small and Domestic Tours, while some offer Big International Trips. It is hard for a tourist to get around a new place. Hence, they need someone to guide them through the trip. There are millions of Tour Operators in the world. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. So many companies often make people confused. It is thus, important to choose the best. Nobody wants a bad experience in a foreign land. In this Blog, we will discuss the Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Tour Operator. Let’s get started…..

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Chandigarh : An Elegant Indian City

rock garden

Located in the Northern part of India, Chandigarh is the capital of the state of Punjab. It is one of the most well planned and modernised cities in India.  The city is known for its planning and lavish lifestyle. Spacious Roads and Green Patches are a feature of the city. Only 250 kms from Delhi, it is a beautiful weekend destination. Apart from its beauty, Chandigarh is also an important IT Hub for many Private and Multinational Corporations. The city has a large population of young people, and is very famous for its Nightclubs and Bars. The city also has a lot of Parks, Lakes and Green Areas. It is a modern city with Natural touch. Its tourist attractions have made this city famous among Indian and International Tourists. Its closeness from Delhi has increased tourism here.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Pleasure of Flying in an A380

Emirates A380

The Airbus A380 is the biggest passenger plane ever built. Its First Flight was from Singapore to Sydney in 2007. The plane was launched with Singapore Airlines as its First Customer.  Soon, other big carriers also got it in their fleet. It is a Giant Machine with State of the Art Technology, Innovation and Sophisticated Flight Controls. It is 40% more spacious than a Boeing 747.  It is the first jet built with two full decks of seating, and can hold up to 850 passengers in an all Economy configuration. Usually, it is used in a 3-class configuration with 525 seats. The seating configuration differs from Airline to Airline. The extra space makes this plane more spacious and comfortable than any other Aircraft. The Airbus A380 has always been our favourite, and mentioned in many of our Blogs. Thus, we decided to dedicate our 100th Blog to this Gigantic Airliner. In this Blog, we will share Facts and Features of this Mind Boggling Jet. Let’s get started…..

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Role of Tourism in Nation Building


Tourism is extremely important for a country. The impact is so huge; it can make or break an Economy. When a Tourist arrives, he/she gives Bread and Butter to numerous people. There are many countries in the world which have less Tourism.  They focus on other industries for their survival, and often ignore the importance of Tourism. We recently posted 2 Blogs on increasing tourism in a country and city, where we discussed ways of enhancing tourism. In this Blog, we will tell you how a tourist gives employment to numerous people. We have divided the information industry wise for better understanding. Let’s get started…..

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Popular City of Bangkok

Wat Pho

Bangkok is one of the most popular cities on earth. Home to over 8 million people, Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.  Bangkok is a Hot, Humid and Bustling metropolis drawing tourists from all over the world.  The city is famous for its vibrant street life, Temples, Kick Boxing, Bars, Food, Shopping and Nightlife. Apart from that, Bangkok is a south East Asian Financial and Political Powerhouse.  It is also one of the Hottest Travel Destinations judged on criteria like culture, attractions, cuisine, shopping and value for money. It repeatedly wins Travel Awards for being popular among tourists. Bangkok is truly a traveller’s paradise…..

Friday, 6 January 2017

How to Increase Tourism in a City

There are thousands of cities around the world, but only few are Tourist spots. A city which has good Tourism is always very popular. Tourism helps the city in people to people contact, Cultural Exchange and creation of Jobs.  Cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Sydney are some of the most popular among Tourists. These cities were developed in order to bring large number of tourists. What makes a city popular among tourists? In this Blog we will discuss just that. In the First Part of this Blog, we discussed ways of increasing Tourism in a country. In this Blog, we will discuss on ways of increasing Tourism in a city. Let’s get started…..

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How to Increase Tourism in a Country

Tourism is a vibrant industry. It is not only important for bringing people together, but also to generate employment for people. It is a Billion Dollar industry with jobs for millions of people. Countries like Maldives, Mauritius, Fiji, Thailand, Seychelles, and Indonesia are mostly dependent on tourism.  A large part of their GDP comes from Tourism.  Tourism plays a great role in Developed and Big Countries as well. It enhances people to people contact, and helps in generating more jobs for locals and foreigners. Considering the importance of Tourism, we will Post 2 Blogs on Tourism Development. In this Blog, we will discuss the ways in which a Country can increase its Tourist Footfalls. If implemented correctly, they can increase Tourism significantly.  Let’s get started…..