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10 Best Cities to Travel with Kids

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Travelling with kids is fun. It not only gives you time with your family, but also gives your children break from studies. When travelling with kids, you need to make sure that the place is Fun and Adventurous. Different places are famous for different reasons. Some are famous among couples, while some among families. Kids usually enjoy places with Theme Parks and Adventure sports. They rarely like Beaches or Mountains. In this Blog, we will list 10 cities which you should definitely visit with kids. The listings are based on Popularity and Traveller Experiences. Let’s get started…..

Travelling with Kids

1.      Dubai:  This Middle East Paradise has developed itself into a famous Family Holiday Destination. The Gigantic Buildings and Islands have made this Emirate famous among children as well. Attractions like Dubai Mall, SKI Dubai, Dubai Aquarium, Desert Safari and Palm Islands are places which children love. To read our Blog on Dubai, click:

2.      Orlando: Orlando is the Theme Park Hub of the world. It has so many Theme Parks, that it will keep your kids entertained. Some of them include Sea World, Epcot centre and the famous Disney World. You can also give your kids some Space Knowledge by taking them to NASA. To read our Blog on Orlando, click:

3.      Hong Kong: Hong Kong is a commercial city, but its Disneyland and close proximity to Macau makes it famous among kids.  Disneyland alone attracts millions of children each year.  To read more on Hong Kong, click:
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4.      Paris:  Paris is just like Hong Kong. It is also famous for its Disneyland. Besides that, the kids like the Eiffel Tower and Picturesque scenery. We also have a detailed Blog on Paris, click:

5.      Los Angeles:  LA is the Home of Hollywood. Children who are fond of Hollywood Movies love to visit Los Angeles. There are two major attractions for children in LA. They are The Universal Studios and Hollywood Hills. Read more about LA:

6.      Gold Coast: Gold Coast is a 2-hour drive from Brisbane. The city is famous for a few Theme Parks. These include Sea World and Dream world. The experience here is fabulous and entertaining. Families visiting Australia do visit Gold Coast. We don’t have a Blog on Gold Coast, but have a Blog on Australia to give you some more idea. Click:

Disneyland Paris

7.      Singapore: Singapore is a financial and tourism powerhouse. Attractions famous among children include Sentosa Island, Night Safari and Singapore Aquarium. The Sentosa Island is a fun and frolic place for tourists to hang around. Visited by millions of tourists each year, Singapore is one of the most famous Tourist Destinations. Read more about Singapore:

8.      Rome: Rome is a historical city. The famous Museums, Art Galleries, Architecture Churches keep children interested. It may be slightly boring for Fun Lovers, but a great place for children interested in Art and Architecture. Also, Vatican helps in attracting more people. Read more on Rome:

9.      Bora Bora: This may seem an unusual choice, but Bora Bora Islands are a great place for children. The Natural Lagoons are world famous and attract many tourists. The Island has a wide variety of Water and Adventure sports. Besides that, some Go Tours and Jeep safari Tours also keep children entertained. It’s a fairly new place among tourists, but a beautiful one.


10.   Fiji Islands: Like Bora Bora, Fiji Islands is another great place for children. The corals are world famous, and something kids will enjoy. Water sports and Adventure trips make this place a paradise in the Pacific.

These were 10 Popular Destinations for Families. There are many other places as well, but these are some of the most famous ones. Bora Bora and Fiji Islands are slowly emerging and giving competition to the likes of Thailand and Hawaii. Which place do you like for a family holiday? Comment down below…..

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