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Qualities of a Good Tour Operator

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Tour Companies are Companies that offer Tour and Travel services.  These companies help arrange Travel Bookings, Flights, Tour Packages, Hotels, Sightseeing, etc.  They are also called Tour Operators. They have the responsibility of taking tourists around different places. Some companies offer small and Domestic Tours, while some offer Big International Trips. It is hard for a tourist to get around a new place. Hence, they need someone to guide them through the trip. There are millions of Tour Operators in the world. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. So many companies often make people confused. It is thus, important to choose the best. Nobody wants a bad experience in a foreign land. In this Blog, we will discuss the Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Tour Operator. Let’s get started…..


1.   Customer Service: This is the most important thing a Tour Company should do. Service is very important it makes or breaks your Goodwill. Great service includes Travel Arrangements, Tours, Packages, Tour Guides, Sightseeing, etc. Tourists must get what is promised to them. Any Bad experience can blow them off. Tours must possess High standards of service, without any exploitation.

2.     Variety of Tours: Offer your customers a wide variety of tours to choose from. For example- If you offer Tours to Europe, make different packages with short and long Durations like 7 Days, 15 Days, 23 Days, etc.  Besides that, you can offer Tours to Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Southern Europe, etc. This helps your customers to make the right choice according to their schedule and preferences.

3. Types of Tours: Tours can be of different types. Some people come for Tourism, some for Honeymoon and some for corporates.  Offer different itineraries for all of them. This makes your customers much more comfortable. Also, some people like customised tours. Thus, services should be offered accordingly.

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4.   Reasonable Pricing: Offer Packages at Reasonable Prices. A few extra bucks could lose your customer. Charge according to the type of service, without any hidden costs. Have tie-ups with Airline companies, Hotels, Local Tour Guides, etc. to negotiate on Bulk Bookings. Group Packages are cheaper as Bulk Discounts get distributed among group members. Offering the Best service at the Best Price is the formula for success.

5.    Collaborations: Associate with Good Companies to give your customers a delightful experience. This includes tie-ups with Good Airlines, Train companies, Bus companies, Hotels, Resorts, Professional Guides, etc. There are cases of scams by local tour guides. Hence, it is important that you collaborate with the best.

6.    Hire Good Professionals: Hire Good and Honest Professionals in your organisation. This throws a good impression on your customers. Professionalism should be an important ingredient in manpower training. Also make sure that the companies you collaborate with are also professional.

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7.   Reference Marketing: Word of Mouth and References are the best ways of Marketing. Ask your customers to refer other travellers. You can also offer them discounts for the same. Request all your Loyal Customers to give Social Media Reviews and Ratings. This encourages other travellers to choose your company.

8.     Foreign Currency Services: You can include Foreign Currency services in your portfolio as well. It is a great way of making money, and giving additional service to your customers.

These were the Characteristics of a Good Tour Operator. These Qualities will make a company grow in the Travel Market. If you have more suggestions to add, comment down below. Your participation is very important!

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