Wednesday, 21 February 2018

How to Manage Work while Travelling

Work during Travel
The biggest concern for any traveller is to balance between their Work & Travel. There are some people who are Travel Bloggers, Diplomats, Tour Guides, Airline staff or in any other travelling Job/Business. For these people, travelling is work. On the other hand, there are people who are not in any travelling Job/Business but are enthusiastic about travelling. Majority of them are not able to cope with the work during Travel. Thus, its important to make a balance between both of them. Work is important for your livelihood, while travelling is important to recharge your Batteries by relaxation and enjoyment.  Please note that we will not mention Names of any Apps or Companies as they differ from Country to country. So, let’s get started….

Business Traveller.

1.      Online Occupation:  The first thing you should try is to indulge yourself in an Online Profession. In todays connected world, there are a host of things which you can do Online. An Online carrier will allow you to work from anywhere in the Planet. There are people who work while travelling around the World. They just need a Laptop/Tablet and an Internet connection. Some of these jobs may be Blogging, YouTube, Graphic Design, Web Service, Virtual Assistant, etc.

2.      Increase Use of E-Mail:  Ask your Clients, Customers, Colleagues and Management to communicate mostly via E-Mail. E-Mail can be accessed from anywhere without giving the other person a hint of your location. Also, while traveling ask your Mailers to wait for a day or two for your reply. You cannot reply immediately while travelling.

3.      Delegate Work: In your absence, delegate some small tasks to your Juniors. Give them some authority to avoid regular communication for permissions. Please note that the authority should not be very high. Delegation will reduce Mails and Phone calls by at least 50 %.

4.      Fix Timings: While Travelling, fix a particular time of reply. Check your Mails and Messages only in these time frames. When replying, mention the time when you check your mail. This will help your recipient in planning your communication with you.  Also, Fix Timings according to important days. For example: If You receive your Bank Statement every Friday, you can choose Friday as a day for checking Mails.

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5.      Short Trips: Whenever possible, plan a short trip i.e. not more than 7 days. There is a high possibility that you will not have to face many work-related issues. In fact, sometimes your clients don’t even get to know about it.

6.      Call Diverts: There are many Telecom Companies which offer smooth diversion of calls. You can activate these features and pretend to be in the office while sitting beside the Lake. Divert all your calls to your Travel Phone, and answer them without giving any hint to the caller.

7.      Access your Computer: Nowadays, there are many companies and websites which provide online access to your computer. By connecting it, you can access your computer at home while travelling thousands of miles away.
These were 7 Tips on how you can manage your work while travelling. If you have more to add, feel free to comment down below…..

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