Wednesday, 22 February 2017

How to Cope with Language Barriers

Local Map

Language is the mode of communication between people. When you travel abroad, it is important that you communicate with the locals. This helps in getting along with them. The locals not only guide you, but also help you understand their culture. Thus, communication in the correct language is important. English is the universal language, but there are many countries where English is not well spoken. Countries like Japan, China, Korea, Spain, Russia, Hong Kong, France and Germany have less English speaking population. This makes it difficult for travellers to communicate with the locals. This Language barrier may confuse people, and break communication. Thus, it is important to cope with these Barriers while travelling. In this Blog, we will share some tips on how to cope with Language Barriers. Let’s get started…..

Friday, 17 February 2017

The Fascinating City of Madrid

Royal Palace

Madrid is the capital of Spain. Home to over 3 million people, Madrid is the Cultural Powerhouse of Europe.  The city enjoys the reputation of being one of the liveliest cities on Earth. The city has a vibrant Nightlife, great culture and exotic cuisine.  Madrid has always been a famous tourist destination in southern Europe. Millions of tourists visit the city each year to cherish its beauty and culture. Besides that, Madrid has some great works of Art and Architecture on display. A number of Buildings, Monuments and Museums depict the Great Spanish Architecture. A few months back, we posted a Blog “Incredible Spain”, where we discussed all about travelling in Spain. In this Blog, we will discuss Madrid in detail.

Monday, 13 February 2017

Qualities of a Good Tour Operator

Professional Tour Guide

Tour Companies are Companies that offer Tour and Travel services.  These companies help arrange Travel Bookings, Flights, Tour Packages, Hotels, Sightseeing, etc.  They are also called Tour Operators. They have the responsibility of taking tourists around different places. Some companies offer small and Domestic Tours, while some offer Big International Trips. It is hard for a tourist to get around a new place. Hence, they need someone to guide them through the trip. There are millions of Tour Operators in the world. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry. So many companies often make people confused. It is thus, important to choose the best. Nobody wants a bad experience in a foreign land. In this Blog, we will discuss the Qualities and Characteristics of a Good Tour Operator. Let’s get started…..