Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Chandigarh : An Elegant Indian City

rock garden

Located in the Northern part of India, Chandigarh is the capital of the state of Punjab. It is one of the most well planned and modernised cities in India.  The city is known for its planning and lavish lifestyle. Spacious Roads and Green Patches are a feature of the city. Only 250 kms from Delhi, it is a beautiful weekend destination. Apart from its beauty, Chandigarh is also an important IT Hub for many Private and Multinational Corporations. The city has a large population of young people, and is very famous for its Nightclubs and Bars. The city also has a lot of Parks, Lakes and Green Areas. It is a modern city with Natural touch. Its tourist attractions have made this city famous among Indian and International Tourists. Its closeness from Delhi has increased tourism here.

Sunday, 22 January 2017

Pleasure of Flying in an A380

Emirates A380

The Airbus A380 is the biggest passenger plane ever built. Its First Flight was from Singapore to Sydney in 2007. The plane was launched with Singapore Airlines as its First Customer.  Soon, other big carriers also got it in their fleet. It is a Giant Machine with State of the Art Technology, Innovation and Sophisticated Flight Controls. It is 40% more spacious than a Boeing 747.  It is the first jet built with two full decks of seating, and can hold up to 850 passengers in an all Economy configuration. Usually, it is used in a 3-class configuration with 525 seats. The seating configuration differs from Airline to Airline. The extra space makes this plane more spacious and comfortable than any other Aircraft. The Airbus A380 has always been our favourite, and mentioned in many of our Blogs. Thus, we decided to dedicate our 100th Blog to this Gigantic Airliner. In this Blog, we will share Facts and Features of this Mind Boggling Jet. Let’s get started…..

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Role of Tourism in Nation Building


Tourism is extremely important for a country. The impact is so huge; it can make or break an Economy. When a Tourist arrives, he/she gives Bread and Butter to numerous people. There are many countries in the world which have less Tourism.  They focus on other industries for their survival, and often ignore the importance of Tourism. We recently posted 2 Blogs on increasing tourism in a country and city, where we discussed ways of enhancing tourism. In this Blog, we will tell you how a tourist gives employment to numerous people. We have divided the information industry wise for better understanding. Let’s get started…..

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

The Popular City of Bangkok

Wat Pho

Bangkok is one of the most popular cities on earth. Home to over 8 million people, Bangkok is the capital of Thailand.  Bangkok is a Hot, Humid and Bustling metropolis drawing tourists from all over the world.  The city is famous for its vibrant street life, Temples, Kick Boxing, Bars, Food, Shopping and Nightlife. Apart from that, Bangkok is a south East Asian Financial and Political Powerhouse.  It is also one of the Hottest Travel Destinations judged on criteria like culture, attractions, cuisine, shopping and value for money. It repeatedly wins Travel Awards for being popular among tourists. Bangkok is truly a traveller’s paradise…..

Friday, 6 January 2017

How to Increase Tourism in a City

There are thousands of cities around the world, but only few are Tourist spots. A city which has good Tourism is always very popular. Tourism helps the city in people to people contact, Cultural Exchange and creation of Jobs.  Cities like London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Sydney are some of the most popular among Tourists. These cities were developed in order to bring large number of tourists. What makes a city popular among tourists? In this Blog we will discuss just that. In the First Part of this Blog, we discussed ways of increasing Tourism in a country. In this Blog, we will discuss on ways of increasing Tourism in a city. Let’s get started…..

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

How to Increase Tourism in a Country

Tourism is a vibrant industry. It is not only important for bringing people together, but also to generate employment for people. It is a Billion Dollar industry with jobs for millions of people. Countries like Maldives, Mauritius, Fiji, Thailand, Seychelles, and Indonesia are mostly dependent on tourism.  A large part of their GDP comes from Tourism.  Tourism plays a great role in Developed and Big Countries as well. It enhances people to people contact, and helps in generating more jobs for locals and foreigners. Considering the importance of Tourism, we will Post 2 Blogs on Tourism Development. In this Blog, we will discuss the ways in which a Country can increase its Tourist Footfalls. If implemented correctly, they can increase Tourism significantly.  Let’s get started…..