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Effective Time Management in Travel


Time is equivalent to Money. You must have heard this phrase everywhere and every day. It’s not only true in Business, but also in day to day life. Travel is an important part of life. Time Management can help you in exploring more in less time. Punctuality and Time Management always help travellers in successfully completing their trip. A missed Train, Flight, Ship or Bus can spoil the whole purpose of your trip. In this Blog, we will list down a few points that will help you in better time management while travelling. Time Management helps you in becoming a responsible Global Citizen, so read the following carefully. Let’s get started…….


1.      Be Punctual: No matter where you are going, always be 10 minutes before time. This is not only important while going to the Airport or Train Station, but also when you are on a sightseeing tour. If you find it hard to be punctual, participate in Group Tours. Group Tours are very strict about punctuality, and will help you practice Time Management. If you have seen our Blog on Group Tours, we have mentioned that Group Tours cover a lot of places in a small time. Thus, Group Tours are good for practicing Time Management. If you wish to read about Group Tours, click:

2.      Choose Direct Routes: Before booking your tickets, make sure that you have a direct flight, train, bus or cruise to your destination. This saves a lot of time in transit. If you are forced to make a stopover, make sure you have only one. Sometimes Airline and Train companies offer you cheap ticket for making a stopover. Choose these options only if you have an avoidable reason. For example: a direct flight from Tokyo to London is better than making a stopover in between, say Moscow.

3.      Duration of Journey: Stopover may increase the time of travel, but direct connections must also be chosen carefully. For Example: India is situated at such a location that travellers to Western USA can travel by either the Atlantic Route or the Pacific Route. It’s important to see which route or Airline takes less time. Same applies to Trains and Buses.

4.      Create Itinerary: If you are not travelling in a group, create your own itinerary with time specified for each activity. Implement the plan as soon as you arrive at your destination. Ask your family members/friends travelling with you to strictly follow the itinerary. Do extensive research on the internet to find out more about your destination. It will help in creating the itinerary.

GPS on Mobile

5.      Use GPS: Global Positioning System or GPS saves a lot of time. It helps you find ways quickly and effectively. Before travelling to any place/sight, look at its route and possibility of traffic. GPS gives you the most efficient route at a particular time and place. We also have a Blog on GPS, to read click:

6.      Avoid Laziness: Always wake up early and avoid laziness. Remember, you are here for a limited time to see maximum things. Leaving early sometimes help in avoiding traffic or exploring an additional place.

7.      Travel with Punctual People: Make sure your family members/ friends are all punctual people. Avoid travelling with people who are always late as they will spoil your plans. If you cannot avoid, ask them to strictly follow the timetable.

8.      Time or Money: In this world, you have only one choice- Time or Money. If you have time constraint, save time no matter how much money you spend. If you have a small budget, you may have to take up some extra time-consuming things. Saving both is very hard, but give priority to Time.

These were some ways in which you can save time while Travelling. If you have more points to add, feel free to comment down below. Time Management is an extremely important thing. It is appreciated by all, and helps you in developing a good personality.


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