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Budapest : An Eastern European Gem


The Hungarian capital Budapest, is situated on the Banks of the Danube River.  It’s a Political, Economic and Cultural heart of the Nation.  It lies in the Central North of the country, and is one of the most beautiful and liveable cities in Europe. Earlier there were two cities namely Buda and Pest. Buda was in the steep western hills, while Pest in the flat plains of the East. The two cities were separated by the Danube River.  In 1873, the famous Chain Bridge was built to unify the two cities. As a result, the two cities became one with the name Budapest.  Home to over 1.7 Million people, Budapest attracts over 4 Million tourists each year. Hungary is situated in Eastern Part of Europe. This region is now gaining popularity among tourists. In the last 5 years, there has been an exponential growth in tourism. Hungary has capitalised a lot from it, thanks to the Beauty, Culture, History, Buildings and Attractions in Budapest.  It is certainly an Eastern European Gem…...


Just like other European cities, Budapest is a small and easily Navigable city. Public Transport is fantastic here. You have the option of Metro, Bus, Trams, River Boats and Cabs. Metro and Trams are the cheapest and most convenient.  If you want to cherish and feel the beauty of the city, we would recommend you to hire a Bike or walk in the city. Bikes are available on rental basis, and is a great and healthy way of exploring the city.  The only drawback is that very few people understand English. You need to write down your Destination in local language, and use GPS. Download an offline map of the city. It will be of great help. Also, the currency used here is Hungarian Forint, not Euros. Exchange in advance as all transactions are done in Hungarian Forint.

Hungarian Parliament

 Budapest is full of Monuments, Buildings, Churches and Museums. Main Attractions include Heroes’ Square, Chain Bridge, Hungarian Parliament, Margaret Island, Buda Castle, Cruise on Danube River, Vaci utca Street, Budapest Opera House, Central Market Hall, Budapest City Park, St. Stephens Cathedral and Budapest Turkish Baths. These major attractions will help you in exploring the culture and history of Budapest. Some sights are located on the Buda side, while some at the Pest side. If you wish to see a Panoramic view of the city, climb up to the Buda Castle. It’s a fascinating experience.

Chain Bridge

Food in Budapest is good. Hungarian and European Restaurants are all over the place. The city is famous for its Nightlife, hence there are a number of famous Bars and Pubs. Many tourists enjoy the city’s Nightlife. If you are not into Nightlife, there a host of Restaurants and Cafes all over the city, mostly they serve European Food. Asian Restaurants are very less here. Asian travellers may face some problems in locating them. Overall, the food experience is good. From wherever you are, you will enjoy the local offerings.

Heroes Square Budapest

Shopping is very good in Budapest. If you have read our Blogs on other European cities, you must have noticed that we recommend you to avoid shopping. Budapest is a little different. As compared to other European cities, Budapest is slightly cheaper. It is perhaps one Destination where you should spend some time shopping. Shops and stores of all Big, Small and Medium Brands are available here. There is something for everyone. If you are visiting other European cities on your trip, make sure you do the shopping from Budapest. Shopping centres and Malls are easy to locate, and worth spending.

Margaret Island

Budapest is fairly connected to the world. It has a small Airport, with services of some major Airlines. All European carriers fly to Budapest. You can connect from their Hubs. For example: Lufthansa via Frankfurt, British Airways via London, Air France via Paris, etc. if you are flying from Asia or Australia, you can consider Emirates and Turkish Airlines. European travellers can reach Budapest by Road or Rail. Else, they can also consider Low Cost Carriers like Ryan Air and Easy Jet.

Danube River.

So, pack your Bags and leave for a relaxing and breath-taking tour of Budapest!

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