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10 Best Low-Cost Carriers of the World


Low Cost Carriers or Budget Airlines are now the most popular mode of transport. They provide cheap tickets with no extra service. Full Service Carriers or FSCs, provide luxurious services such as In-Flight Meals, Reclining seats, Airport Lounges, etc. Nowadays, FSCs are losing their charm among travellers. Tourists always prefer LCCs. Business Travelers are still flying on FSCs for luxurious services and Privacy. A few weeks back, we posted a Blog – “10 Best International Full-ServiceAirlines”. In this Blog, we will list down 10 Most Popular Budget Airlines. Please note that the rankings are based on Customer Demand, Service, Efficiency, Profitability and Popularity. Let’s get started…….

Air Asia A320

1.      Air Asia: Today, the most popular and efficient LCC is Air Asia. Air Asia was originally based in Kuala Lumpur, but now it has divided itself in different markets. You have Air Asia in Malaysia, Air Asia Indonesia, Air Asia Japan, Air Asia India, etc. This diversification helps them in operating Domestic and International Flights in and out of these places. Kuala Lumpur International Airport is the main hub for Air Asia, and the biggest LCC Airport in the world. Air Asia today offers Low Cost services all over Asia and Australia.

2.      Easy Jet: ÚK based Easy Jet is the most famous Budget Airline in Europe. It has 100s of destinations all over Europe. It is highly popular among Tourists and Business Travelers. The Business model followed by Easy Jet has made it the 2nd best LCC in the world. In close competition with Ryan Air, Easy jet has just managed to surpass them in this list. Known for its high efficiency and punctuality, Easy Jet is truly a Brilliant Low-Cost Carrier.

3.      Ryan Air:  Another successful European LCC is Ryan Air. Based in Ireland, Ryan Air operates flights all over Europe and Morocco. With a fleet of over 300 Airplanes, it serves almost every route in Europe. Taking advantage of being in EU, Ryan Air can fly in and out of any destination in Europe. With a great safety and efficiency record, Ryan Air stands at number 3. Close competition with Easy Jet changes its ranking every year. Passengers think Easy Jet is slightly more comfortable than Ryan Air, which is why it is on Number 3.

Ryan Air

4.      Southwest Airlines:  US based Domestic carrier Southwest Airlines is one of the best Budget Airlines in the world. It has high demand, efficient service and a profitable Business model. Southwest Airlines has always had a great Safety and Punctuality record. The most distinctive feature of this Airline is the First Come First Serve seating. This encourages passengers to reach the Boarding Gate early and avoid delays. Southwest Airlines has literally ruled the American Market by giving stiff competition to American Airlines, United and US Airways.

5.     Norwegian Airlines:  Founded in Norway, Norwegian Airlines has grown itself into a successful Low-Cost Carrier. Since Norway is not a part of EU, it served Flights to and from Norway only. Later, it opened up a Hub in Ireland to better serve the European Market. Now it has gone one step further. Norwegian operates Boeing 787 Aircrafts to serve Trans-Atlantic Routes. It has started services between Europe and the US at very affordable prices. These Long Haul Low Fare Routes have made Norwegian very popular among European and American Passengers.

6.     JetStar Airlines: Based in Australia, JetStar is a famous Low-Cost Carrier. It operates Domestic and International services. It offers Budget Long Haul Routes in Asia and Oceania. In the last few years, it has given stiff competition to Qantas and eaten away their revenue. JetStar is just like Norwegian. They have the same business model with different locations.


7.      Virgin America: Virgin America is a new and famous American Low-Cost Carrier. It operates Low Cost Flights all over America, and is slowly giving competition to Southwest Airlines & Jet Blue. It operates the latest A321 Neo Aircrafts, and provides excellent customer service.

8.      Air Asia X : Air Asia X is a Medium and Long Haul operator of Air Asia. It offers services to Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, India etc. The main focus of this Airline is Medium and Long-Haul Routes. Most of these routes are operated in and out of Kuala Lumpur. Air Asia has transferred its expertise to Air Asia X, and made it competitive.

9.      Indigo: Based out in India, Indigo is a famous Short-Haul Low Cost Carrier. The Airline is very famous in India, and known for its Efficiency and Customer service. The Airline operates Domestic Routes all over India, and a few short haul International Routes. The Airline has an excellent Business Model with regular profits and high revenues.

Indigo Airlines

10.   JetBlue: JetBlue is another US based Low Cost Carrier. Started in 2000, it is known for its Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty. Along with Low Fares, it also provides great efficiency in its service. With Southwest and Virgin America in the market, JetBlue has given Americans another option to travel with.
Do you agree with our rankings? Comment down below. These were the Top 10 Best Low-Cost Carriers of the World. Give your suggestions and share your experiences with these Airlines.
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