Thursday, 29 June 2017

Bratislava: A Hidden Gem in Eastern Europe

Main square Bratislava

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia. It is an underrated Pearl of Eastern Europe. Tourists usually are unaware of the Beauty of Bratislava. Being a small city in a small country, it has often been ignored. Thanks to the growing Tourism in Hungary, people are now getting familiar with Bratislava. Bratislava is a small architectural gem having a long history. After Slovakia got separated with Czech Republic, Bratislava became its capital. It was ruled by Austrians and Hungarians in the past. As a result, you will see Monuments, Museums and Castles having Austrian and Hungarian connections. It may have been ignored in the past, but now it’s gaining popularity among tourists.


Bratislava is easy to Navigate around. Being a small city, most of the attractions are at walking distance. As the city enjoys pleasant weather all-round the year, you will enjoy walking here. Besides that, there are Buses and Taxis all over the city to take you around.  You can explore the whole city in a day or two. The Main Attractions in Bratislava include Old Town, Main Square, Bratislava Castle, Devin Castle, Museum of Jewish Culture, UFO Bridge, Slava Memorial, Danube River Bank, National Slovakian Museum and St. Michaels Church.  Explore all these attractions on foot. If you have less time, you can take the bus. Walking through the city is a great experience and will help you cherish the beauty of the city. Also, there are some funny statues around the city and Main Square. They are worth checking out. If you love Churches, there are a lot of Beautiful Churches here.

Bratislava castle

Food in Bratislava is mainly European. You will hardly find any other type of Food. Of course, you have McDonalds and Burger King. Apart from them, mostly there are European Restaurants. As Bratislava is a new emerging tourist hotspot, may be in a few years, we will find some other type of cuisines as well. Bratislava is slightly cheaper to Austria and Hungary. Food is inexpensive here. If you like European Food, good for you. Else, you have McDonalds to take care of your stomach.

Museum of Jewish Culture

As mentioned in the last para, Bratislava is inexpensive. It applies to shopping as well. Shopping is reasonable here. The only drawback is variety. You will not find all major Brands out here. Mostly there are local shops and retailers. This is not a place for shoppers. Don’t go out of the way for shopping. Like some other small European cities, Bratislava is for enjoying the Beauty, Art and Architecture. If you want to shop, consider either Vienna, or Budapest. Both these cities are close to Bratislava.  If you are visiting both Vienna and Budapest, Budapest is slightly cheaper than Vienna.


Bratislava is not directly connected to the outside world. The best way to come here is by Road/Rail from either Vienna or Budapest. Vienna is the closest to Bratislava. Vienna is just 55 Kms from Bratislava. Budapest is 201 Kms away. It depends on your itinerary and preferences. If you are travelling from Europe, Rail/Road is the best option. If you are travelling from any other Continent, fly to Vienna. Vienna is not only closer, but its Airport is much more connected than that of Budapest.

So, go ahead and enjoy this hidden gem in Eastern Europe…….
UFO Bridge Bratislava

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