Friday, 17 February 2017

The Fascinating City of Madrid

Royal Palace

Madrid is the capital of Spain. Home to over 3 million people, Madrid is the Cultural Powerhouse of Europe.  The city enjoys the reputation of being one of the liveliest cities on Earth. The city has a vibrant Nightlife, great culture and exotic cuisine.  Madrid has always been a famous tourist destination in southern Europe. Millions of tourists visit the city each year to cherish its beauty and culture. Besides that, Madrid has some great works of Art and Architecture on display. A number of Buildings, Monuments and Museums depict the Great Spanish Architecture. A few months back, we posted a Blog “Incredible Spain”, where we discussed all about travelling in Spain. In this Blog, we will discuss Madrid in detail.

Retiro Park

Public Transport in Madrid is good. People can use Bus, Metro or Taxis to get around. Else, walking is also a great option.  A big problem in Madrid is that very few people understand English. In fact, the announcements in the Metro are only in Spanish. This makes it difficult for Foreigners to understand. Make sure that you have your destinations written in Spanish, so that you could ask locals. Places to visit in Madrid include Royal Palace, Real Madrid Football Stadium, Bull Ring, Prado Museum, Almudena Cathedral, Retiro Park, The Debod Temple, Railway Museum, Plaza de Cascorro Market and Main Square. If the weather is good, you can walk through the city as well.


Madrid has a good food culture. The city is flooded with Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and Nightclubs. Madrid has a lot of European Restaurants. European cuisine is very famous among locals and tourists. Similarly, American Food is famous all over the city. To our surprise, we didn’t find many Asian Restaurants here. There are a few Chinese, Indian and Thai Restaurants around the city.  We were expecting some more Asian Restaurants. Anyhow, the Food is very good in the city. Asian Tourists can try European Food, it’s great. Nightclubs are very famous here, as locals and tourists love partying out. Thus, Food may not be a problem in Madrid.

Plaza de Cascorro Market

Shopping is decent in Madrid. Just like any other big city, Madrid has a host of shopping malls, arcades and centres. Street shops are not very prevalent here. Retailers include all Luxury, Medium and small Brands. ZARA and HnM are very famous here. Both these stores offer good quality products at reasonable prices. In fact, Zara is cheaper than it is in any other country. Clothing and Apparels are fine, but other items are slightly expensive. Shop as per your need, it’s not a place for extensive shopping.

The Debod Temple

Madrid is a well-connected city. It has a decent Airport, with flights to/from all over the world. Spain doesn’t have a famous National Airline. Thus, people visit Madrid with an International Carrier. European Travelers prefer Rail or Road. There are great Roads all over Europe, making it easier to travel around. Besides that, the Eurail is very famous among Europeans. For other Travelers, Airlines like United, British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar, Etihad, Emirates, Finnair and Singapore Airlines offer services to Madrid. Madrid is a city with pleasant climate. Avoid visiting in June and July, as it is very hot. Avoid December and January, as they are extremely cold.

Enjoy your Trip!

Bull Ring

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