Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Valencia: A Mediterranean City with a Spanish Feel

City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia

Located on the East Coast of Spain, Valencia is a popular Beach Holiday Destination in Europe. Valencia is 350 kms from both Barcelona and Madrid. This is the 3rd most populated city in Spain with 1 Million inhabitants. As Valencia is a subtropical Mediterranean city, it has a Dry and Warm climate. It has mild winters which makes it suitable to visit all year long. In recent years, Valencia has gained popularity among tourists from all over the world. Earlier only Europeans used to flock around Valencia. Now Valencia is an important part of Tourism in Spain. The city has a little bit of everything, and certainly a beautiful getaway for tourists. In this Blog, we will give you brief insights about the city of Valencia. Let’s get started…..

Valencia City beach.

Valencia is a calm and quiet city with a Spanish feel. Getting around is easy as most attractions are easily accessible on foot, Bike or Bus. Public transport is not as good as Barcelona or Madrid, but decent enough to take you around. Valencia is a cosmopolitan and cultural city, with a blend of Old and New. Main Attractions in Valencia include City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia City beach, Oceanographic Marine Park, Old City Centre, Valencia Cathedral, Central Market, Fine Arts Museum, Ceramics Museum, Turia Gardens and Russafa. These attractions can be fully explored in 4 days. If you wish to spend more time on the beach, increase your stay by a day or two.
Turia Gardens

Food is an important part of Valencia. Most of the Spanish Delicacies are locally grown. Valencia is thus a great place for experiencing famous Spanish cuisine. As Valencia is a coastal city, there is a wide variety of Sea Food available here. If you are looking for Asian and American food, you will find a few Restaurants. Nightlife is very good in Valencia. Do visit a few Nightclubs and Bars. They are really good. Also, do check out the Restaurants around the city Beach. They have a wide variety of Food options.


Shopping is decent in Valencia. Locally grown Food items are reasonable. Valencia is a little cheaper than Barcelona and Madrid. Valencia Central Market is a great place to shop for goods. Half a day is enough for shopping here. You may not find many big retailers, but nevertheless shopping is fine.

Old City Centre in Valencia

Getting to Valencia is easy. There are lots of flights from other European cities. Countries within European Union are all connected among each other. You can also use Rail/Road as they are very convenient in Europe. Travellers from other continents can fly either to Madrid or Barcelona, and then take another flight. We would recommend you to take a Train to Valencia. This will help you explore the outskirts and countryside.
So, pack your Bags and leave for a beautiful Mediterranean Holiday.
Valencia Cathedral

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