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Group Tour Etiquettes

Group Tour

Group Tours are a very famous concept in Tourism. It involves people who are keen on visiting and exploring a common place. Just like a Corporate Group, it has a fixed goal. Thus, it is important that all Group Members are focussed towards it. In a Tour Group, the goal is to follow the Travel itinerary in an efficient manner.  It is the responsibility of all group members to coordinate and cooperate with one another. A few months back, we posted a Blog – “Pros and Cons of Group Tours”, which many of you really liked. In this Blog, we will share the Basic etiquettes that you should have when in a Group Tour. The information in this Blog is based on inputs from Travel Guides, Travel Companies and regular Travelers. Let’s get started…….

Tour Guide

1.      Tour Guide: Make sure that the Tour Guide is understanding and cooperative. Half of the issues are solved when the Tour Guide/Manager is good. Search for Travel companies which have a good reputation of Tour Guides. This can be known from traveller feedback and suggestions. Don’t try to manipulate or influence the Tour Guide/Manager. This will annoy other members.

2.      Manipulation/Favouritism:  it is the responsibility of all Group members to be transparent to each other. Any form of Manipulation or partiality can piss off other member. You should keep the interest of everyone.  Also, Tour Guides/Managers should make sure that manipulative behaviour is not entertained in the Group.

3.      Punctuality: The Group is dependent on one another. Actions of a single member can affect the schedule of everyone. Everyone hates latecomers. They don’t want their trip to be spoilt because of a jerk who cannot be on time. We have seen cases where a one-minute delay spoilt the schedule of the whole day. On an Airport, planes have fixed landing and take-off slots. If they miss the slot, they have to wait a lot. Similarly, Tour itineraries have time slots of each activity. A small delay can have a knock-on effect on the Tour.

4.      Be Polite and Courteous: All Group members must be Polite and Courteous to everyone. This avoids any unusual situations, and take care of Group issues. A friendly and Polite person is loved by all. Also, make sure you don’t fall into quarrels. If you have any issues, talk to the tour guide/manager.

Group of Tourists

5.      Avoid feeling of Superiority: Feeling of Superiority should not be there in you. We have seen people underestimating other Group members because of their spending and cultural habits. Remember, everybody has paid the same amount for the tour. So, you are neither above nor below anyone. If you wish to spend more, do it. Don’t give a feeling of inferiority to others.

6.      Follow Majority:  As discussed earlier, you cannot force anything on the Group. Thus, it is important that you follow what the majority says. You need to adjust a little with the Group.

7.      Adjustment: As discussed in the last point, you need to adjust with every member of the Group. Everyone is different. Your opinions may/or may not match with the other person. If you are not ready to make adjustments, don’t travel in a group.

8.      Follow Rules: Every Tour Manager lays down some rules for the group members. Abide by them and avoid any confrontations. Also, follow the rules and regulations at your travel destination. A small mistake can affect the whole group.

These were some Basic Etiquettes that you must follow in a Group Tour. If we have missed something, feel free to comment down below…...

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