Thursday, 27 October 2016

Sydney: A Cosmopolitan Mega City

Sydney is Australia’s oldest, largest and the most diverse city. Home to 4.5 million people, Sydney is one of the most famous cities on Earth. It is a cosmopolitan city blessed with culture and traditions from around the world. The city is famous for its Beaches, Monuments, Harbour and Landscapes. Sydney is not only a tourist destination but also an economic powerhouse for Australia. Sydney can be easily compared with London or New York., as people from all around the world could be found here. In recent years many immigrants have flooded the city with their cultural suitcases. Sydney is thus, a vibrant and beautiful city attracting Travelers from all around the world.

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Qualities of a Good Traveler

In this Globalized World, people from all classes are now travelling. There was a time in the past when Travel was meant only for the Rich and Elite. Now even a Middle class person can afford to Travel. This has given rise to extreme flow of travellers around the world. This has led to extreme cultural exposure as well. Every Traveller is different, and behaves differently to culture changes. In this process, some end up misbehaving or violating laws. Some do it deliberately while some unintentionally. Hence, to be a good global citizen, you need to be a good traveller. In this Blog, we will discuss some qualities that you should have to be a Good Traveller. Let’s get started…..

Saturday, 22 October 2016

City of Joy : Kolkata

Kolkata is the capital of the State of West Bengal in India.  It is a city with traditional soul, colonial architecture, cultural festivals and mouth- watering street food. Kolkata is a loud, and bustling city with Bengali Tradition and Sacred beliefs. It has been in the bucket list of many travellers. After Delhi and Mumbai, Kolkata is the most popular metropolis. The River Hugli flows through the city attracting many pilgrims to worship its sacred waters. The Howrah Bridge is built over the River Hugli and is a familiar site in the city. As Kolkata was the capital of British India, the city has a lot of historic sights depicting ancient traditions. Kolkata is now an important part of tourists visiting India.

Monday, 17 October 2016

Important Things to carry in Hand-Baggage

Hand baggage
Hand Baggage is the Bag/Luggage that you carry On-Board your Flight. Usually we carry small pieces of Luggage in Hand as the On-Board space is small. Big bags are accommodated in the Cargo Hold of the Plane. Airlines have a strict weight policy, and don’t allow excess weight.  Generally, the weight allowance for an economy class passenger is 23 kgs and 7 kgs 23 in Check-in and 7 in Hand baggage. Weight allowance for First and Business class passengers differ from Airline to Airline. Thus, when you have only 7 Kgs allowed, you need to pack very carefully.  In this Blog, we will share the important things to carry in Hand Baggage. These suggestions will help you pack important stuff without increasing weight of your Bag. Let’s get started…..

Thursday, 13 October 2016

Exploring Europe from all Corners

Europe has always been on the bucket list of every traveler.  Some want to explore  multiple countries together, while some like to explore specific countries.  The beauty of this Continent has given it the name- “Heaven on Earth”. Europe has always been popular among Families and Honeymoon couples. The main reason for its popularity is that it’s a blend of Historical Monuments, Ancient Architecture, Beautiful Alps and Breath-taking Landscapes. Nowadays, there are a lot of trips going to different parts of Europe. In this Blog, we will discuss some popular European Tours which travelers are taking. Let’s get started…..

Monday, 10 October 2016

How to Enjoy a Long-Haul Flight

Long Haul Flight
The Travel Industry is worth Billions of Dollars and is growing day by day. More people are now travelling and exploring the world. This has increased the demand for more Airplanes and Airports. Many small cities are now connected with International Airports. As new places emerged, manufacturers launched big and long range jets to service them. Today, you can fly Non-Stop from Asia to America. All major Airlines of the world are now operating hundreds of Long-Haul Flights. A Long-Haul Flight is a Flight which has duration of more than 10 hours. Often travelers find it difficult to cope  and survive them. In this Blog, we will discuss a few suggestions which will help you in enjoying Long-Haul Flights. Let’s get started…..

Saturday, 8 October 2016

Beautiful City of Antwerp

Antwerp City Card
Antwerp is a small and beautiful metropolis in Belgium. The city is full of a large number of cultural and historical sights.  Antwerp is a popular tourist destination with great history, beautiful architecture and breath-taking harbour. Every year millions of tourists from all around the world come here to cherish the Belgian Art, History and Fashion.  The city has a great Fashion industry. Some areas in the city are dedicated to its Fashion world. Apart from Fashion, Antwerp has a famous Diamond industry as well. By Train, Antwerp is just an hour away from Brussels. In recent years, the city has seen a lot of Businesses grow and power the Belgian economy.  With so much to see and explore, Antwerp is now an integral part of tourists’ coming to Europe.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Things to Keep in a Travel First-Aid Kit

Travel First Aid Kit
A First Aid Kit is a Box/Pouch which has some basic Medicines to cope with minor injuries and illnesses. We often keep a First Aid Kit in our Homes to deal with minor injuries. A Traveler is always exposed to moving from one place to another, hence making them prone to injuries and illnesses. A traveler may experience different Air, Water and Food at different places. Sometimes, he/she might not be able to adapt the different food culture. Also, small injuries may occur at any time of the trip. These situations can arise with anyone and anywhere. Thus, it is important that travelers carry a First Aid Kit with them. In this Blog, we will tell you the types of Medicines and First Aid Items in your Travel First Aid Kit. Let’s get started…..