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10 Most Popular Airports of the World


Airports are the biggest Economic Powerhouses of a country. They enable people to travel from one place to another, and also help Businessmen to connect with their clients. The flow of Foreign Travelers is very important for an Airport. Tourists, Businessmen, Delegates, VIPs or common man, Airports are important for everyone. Thus, it is important that Airports are made big enough to handle all this traffic. Nowadays, Airports are like 5 Star Hotels with lavish facilities. Airports are today competing with each other to stay on top. Out of these, some Airports are like Tourist spots which no one should miss.  In this Blog, we will list down 10 Most Attractive and Popular Airports of the World. The list is compiled on the basis of Passenger Experience, Efficiency and Popularity. The info in this Blog is as per traveller experiences in 2016 and 1st quarter of 2017. Let’s get started…..

Dubai International airport

1.    Dubai International: The Dubai International Airport is the biggest Airport today. It handles almost 90 million passengers a year. Emirates, which is the world’s best Airline, has its home in Dubai. The Airport has Great Lounges, Luxurious Facilities and an Efficient working staff. In recent years, it has become a connecting Hub for passengers from all over the world.

2.    Changi Airport, Singapore:  Singapore Changi has been one of the best airports for years. Before Dubai, it was the undisputed champion with high efficiency and luxurious amenities. It has a free Movie Theatre, Fish Spot and Butterfly Garden for passengers to enjoy while they wait for their flight. Changi Airport is the hub for Singapore Airlines, and a layover Destination for travellers to Australia and Asia.

3.    Heathrow Airport, London: Heathrow is one of the busiest and most famous Airports in the world. It handles over 80 million passengers a year, but still manages to keep itself clean and beautiful. It has an excellent shopping selection, great lounges and works of British Art. Heathrow is the hub for British Airways. BA operates flights to all parts of the world. Heathrow is a famous stopover destination for passengers going between North America and Asia.


4.    Hong Kong International Airport:  Hong Kong International Airport is another Busy hub. It handles over 65 million passengers a year. Hong Kong is a famous Economic and Business centre in Asia. It not only attracts Businessmen, but also Holidaymakers. The Airport has facilities like an Imax Theatre, Golf Course, Free Internet and children’s TV Lounge. The Airport has become a Tourist Spot along with being a Travel necessity.  Hong Kong is the home of Cathay Pacific. It is stopover destination for people flying between Asia and North America via the Pacific.

5.    Kuala Lumpur International Airport: KL International Airport is another beautiful Airport. Its main attraction is a Glorious Indoor Rain Forest in the Terminal. The Airport is highly efficient and clean. We did not receive much response about its lounges and shops, but the Rain Forest certainly stands out. KLIA is the Hub for Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia. In fact, Air Asia has made KLIA the Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) Hub. Both these Airlines have made sure that the Airport has significant amount of traffic all-round the year.

6.    Haneda Airport, Tokyo: Tokyo International Airport or Haneda Airport is another busy Airport. This Airport is famous for three things- High Efficiency, cleanliness and Great Restaurants. Passengers often say that Haneda Airport is more well managed than Narita International. The Airport have some of the best restaurants, serving the best cuisine. ANA and Japan Airlines operate a lot of Flights from Haneda. Like Hong Kong, it is another connecting point to North America via Pacific.


7.    Abu Dhabi International Airport: Abu Dhabi Airport is another Gem after Dubai International in the UAE. The Airport came into light when Etihad Airways was launched in the Early 2000s. since then the Airline grew exponentially, making the Airport an attractive Transit Hub. The Airport is loaded with Luxurious Amenities like Premium Lounges, Spa Facility, High end Retail and Exotic Restaurants. It plays the same role that Dubai has. A great transfer hub for passengers travelling between Asia and Europe. Etihad Airways has its home in Abu Dhabi International Airport.

8.    Hamad International Airport, Doha: Middle east Rocks! The Hamad International Airport in Doha is a New and Attractive Airport. It houses all major facilities with a soothing environment. The Airport handles millions of passengers, and is giving great competition to Dubai and Abu Dhabi.  Hamad International is the Hub for Qatar Airways. It acts as another option for travellers between Asia and Europe.

9.    Zurich Airport: Zurich may not be a popular stopover destination, but it certainly has some of the best facilities.  The Airport has Lounges, Duty Free shops and an Observatory. It also offers Bike and Skates on Rent for layover passengers.

Beijing Capital airport

10. Beijing Capital Airport, Beijing:  Built in 2008, the Beijing Capital Airport is an Architectural Marvel. The Airport depicts Chinese History and Architecture. The Airport handles 76 million passengers a year. Air China, China Eastern and China Southern are the carriers operating to and from this Airport. Just like any other Airport, it offers all major facilities to its passengers.

These were the 10 Most Popular Airports of the world. Please note that this was a list, not rankings. A strange thing about this list is that 8 out of these 10 airports are in Asia. It seems that Asians understand the importance of airports more than anyone else. Which Airport do you like the most? Comment Down below……

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