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Tourism: An Extremely Sensitive Industry

Tourists at Eiffel Tower

Tourism is a very sensitive industry. It can make or break an economy. Its impact is so huge, it can single-handedly affect the GDP. A few months back we posted a Blog – “Role of Tourism in Nation Building”, where we discussed how tourism affects different industries. In this Blog, we will discuss the sensitivity and serious consequences tourism can have on a country. We will tell you about some incidents and events which damaged Tourism in some countries. These events not only led to fall in Tourism, but also in vast scale unemployment. Let’s get started…..


1.      The 9/11 Attacks:  This was one of the deadliest terrorist attacks in Human history. The immediate effect included people having fear of Air Travel, cancellation of new orders to Airbus and Boeing, fall in Tourism and people avoiding the Middle East.  A lot of jobs were lost in the tourism sector. It had a knock-on effect on other industries such as Food and Beverage, Retail, Hospitality and Aviation. This was something very hard to digest. The effect carried on for some years, and then eventually it improved.

2.      Conflict in Kashmir: The Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir was once called Heaven. It was often compared with Switzerland. Unfortunately, in the last decade or so, Tourism has declined in this region. This was due to conflicts between India and Pakistan over Border control and illegal occupation of some territories. The situation today has escalated to a point where Tourists fear from visiting the state. This is a huge dent on Indian Tourism.

Giza Pyramids

3.      Malaysia Airlines Twin Disaster: In 2014, two Malaysia Airline Boeing 777s met with accidents killing over 500 people. Both incidents happened within 4 Months. The first was the mysterious MH370, and the second was shooting down MH17. These incidents led to fall in passenger numbers of Malaysia Airlines, and fall in Malaysian Tourism. The Country is also a stopover hub for passengers between Asia and Australia. This was a hard one to swallow. The economy has now recovered.

4.      Egypt and Turkey scenario: These two countries enjoyed Tourism, and were benefiting a lot from it. In the last 2 years, tourism here has dropped significantly. This was because there were some Political tensions within their establishments. Adding insult to the injury were some terrorist attacks which have damaged their Tourism industry.


5.      The ISIS Effect: Today, ISIS is the biggest threat to humanity. In the last few years, it has carried out attacks in Africa, Asia and Europe. The attacks on Europe is so severe, that almost every month a city is struck with an attack. Europe is now slowly losing its dominance in the Tourism Market. Tourists are looking for other alternatives now.

6.      Greece Financial Crisis: In 2014-2015, Greece suffered a Financial Meltdown. The locals were unable to withdraw Money from Banks for their daily needs. The country was in great debt. The country was close to Bankruptcy. This also affected the Tourism in the country. Although, Greeks were warm towards Tourists, but the crisis led to fall in Tourism. Thankfully, the situation has now improved with Greece gaining back its popularity as a Tourist Destination. 

These were a few events from recent history which led to decline in Tourism. There are many more examples all around the world. The point is to understand their serious consequences. It is the responsibility of Global leaders to make sure that these situations are avoided, and necessary steps taken to enhance Tourism in the world. Another important thing is to capitalise on Places which have the potential of becoming future Tourist Destinations. This gives you some extra revenue from tourists.

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