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How to Increase Tourism in a Country

Tourism is a vibrant industry. It is not only important for bringing people together, but also to generate employment for people. It is a Billion Dollar industry with jobs for millions of people. Countries like Maldives, Mauritius, Fiji, Thailand, Seychelles, and Indonesia are mostly dependent on tourism.  A large part of their GDP comes from Tourism.  Tourism plays a great role in Developed and Big Countries as well. It enhances people to people contact, and helps in generating more jobs for locals and foreigners. Considering the importance of Tourism, we will Post 2 Blogs on Tourism Development. In this Blog, we will discuss the ways in which a Country can increase its Tourist Footfalls. If implemented correctly, they can increase Tourism significantly.  Let’s get started…..

Coral Island Pattaya

1.    Select Cities: Make a list of Cities/Towns which you want to popularise among Tourists. Make sure these Cities/Towns have at least 4 major tourist attractions each. Tourist Attractions may include Monuments, Buildings, Manmade and Natural Wonders, Beaches, etc. Shortlist at least 3 Cities/Towns.

2.   Development: After the sights have been shortlisted, rapid development should be done to welcome tourists. These may include cleanliness, ticket counters, Tourist Guides, Shops, Restaurants and other important amenities. Infrastructure should be developed in such a way that Tourists fall for the place.

3.    Public Transport: Public Transport facilities like Bus, Metro, Cable Car, Taxis, etc. must be there for taking people from one place to another. These facilities must be available in all cities you have shortlisted. Intercity Travel must be convenient with availability of Flights, Trains, Buses, Ferry, etc. To know the Features of a Good Public Transport System, Read our Blog: http://360traveller.blogspot.in/2016/11/features-of-good-public-transport-system.html

4.   Airport: Have at least 2 International Airports in these cities. These Airports must be capable of handling Normal and Low Cost Carriers. Both small and big jets must be able to land here. This enables foreign carriers to operate efficiently. Avoid any form of restrictions. Also, have nominal parking charges in order to encourage Airlines.

5.   National Airline:  A National Airline can help boost tourism. Make sure it operates on Short Haul and Long Haul Routes. You can also develop a Hub for connecting passengers. For example: UAE has developed Dubai and Abu Dhabi as connecting Hubs. It’s a great way of earning extra money.

6.  Rail/Road Services: If you are not surrounded by sea, develop Rail/Road services to and from nearby countries. European countries gain a lot from Rail/Road connectivity.

7.     Low Taxes: Impose Low Rates of Tax on Goods and Services. It helps in keeping the prices of Goods and Services Low. Lower Prices help increase popularity among Budget Travelers.

8.   Establish Tour Companies:  Launch schemes for entrepreneurs willing to start Travel companies. Benefits such as Tax Holidays, Easy Loans, Less Documentation, etc. will enhance their working and contribution to Tourism.

Mount Titlis

9.  Tie-Up with Foreign Companies: Tie-Ups with Foreign Travel Companies, Airlines, Train, Bus Companies, Corporates, etc. can have a huge impact on Tourism. It helps in spreading the word across. Collaborate with these companies to offer Packages to travellers. All-inclusive packages are not only attractive, but also cheap.

10. Health Care: Make sure that there is proper Health Care available in the whole country, especially at Tourist Places. This is extremely important, as it can make or Break your reputation. Well Being of Locals is also important to avoid any communicable diseases. Cleanliness and Hygiene plays an important role in this.

11. Law and Order: Local Laws should be stringent enough to keep the Tourists away from Crime and scams. Non-Implementation of Law can encourage criminals, and freak out tourists. This is a serious issue, as it can increase or decrease Tourism.

12. Technology: Make sure the Technological Infrastructure in the country is robust. High Speed Internet and Band width can help in better Navigation, Connectivity and Cashless Payments.


13.Safety and Security: Safety and Security include protection from Terrorism, Riots, Natural Disasters, wars, etc. There are many places which lost their tourism due to such situations. Turkey and France witnessed a sharp decline in tourism due to recent terrorist attacks, leading to huge losses and unemployment.

14. Friendly Nature: It is important that the locals behave in a friendly manner to the tourists. Locals should be caring and helpful towards their guests. The Locals must understand that a small part of their income is coming from tourism. Make your guests so happy, that they come again and again.

15. Visa-on-Arrival: If possible, have Visa-on-Arrival Facility for Tourists. We are not saying to have free entry and exit, but have a special tourist visa for 15-30 days granted on arrival. Else, e-visa facility can also be considered. This helps cut down Visa Application Time and Cost.

These were some ways in which a country can increase Tourism. If we have missed something, feel free to comment down below……


Thailand is one country which we think fulfills most of the above requirements.

The second part of this Blog will focus on Increasing Tourism in a city.

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