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Top 10 Best International Airlines

emirates a380

Flying is an important part of your travel.  it may be a little expensive, but allows you to travel comfortably. Airplanes are a quick and efficient way of transport. There are a lot of Airline companies in the world, offering services at reasonable prices. They all differ from each other. Some are good, while some are excellent. In this Blog, we will list the 10 Best Premium Carriers of the World. These are not Low-Cost Carriers, but Airlines with Premium services. The rankings are based on Customer Feedback, Services Offered, Safety Record, Maintenance, Passenger Handling, Fleet and Connectivity. These rankings are as per July 2017.   Let’s get started…….

Qatar airways a350

1.      Emirates:  Dubai based Emirates is the best Airline in the world today. It has a Fleet of over 260 Planes, including 90 A380s. It flies to all six continents, with over 150 Destinations. It has won Awards for its In-Flight Entertainment, Cabin Crew, Economy Class seating, Business and First-Class seating. It has a great Safety Record, Maintenance Record and Passenger Feedback. The Emirates A380 is an outstanding jet with a host of Premium services.

2.      Singapore Airlines: Singapore Airlines has always been in close competition with Emirates. It has an Award Winning Business Class and Cabin Crew. The service quality is excellent with a great passenger feedback. Singapore Airlines has had an excellent safety and maintenance record. Just like Emirates, its A380s are also famous for luxurious travel. it has a fleet of over 120 planes with over 60 Destinations.

3.      Qatar Airways: Doha based Qatar Airways is another outstanding Airline. With a Fleet of over 150 jets, it serves over 130 Destinations. Being a direct competitor to Emirates, it just lacks in Connectivity and Premium services. Otherwise, it has a great safety and maintenance record, passenger feedback and Customer Handling. It was the First Airline to Fly the A350, and has a variety of other jets including A380s and B777s. it stands at Number 3.

4.      Etihad Airways:  Based in Abu Dhabi, Etihad Airways is the youngest of all. Started in 2003 with a fleet of just over 100 planes, Etihad has grown exponentially in the last few years. It is one of the fastest growing Airlines in the world. It took them just a few years to attract millions of passengers from all over the world. Experts say, if the growth continues like this, it will surpass Emirates one day. It has excellent cabin crew, safety and Maintenance. The most distinctive feature of Etihad is the First-Class Apartments on its A380s, a must see for everyone.

Lufthansa B777

5.      Cathay Pacific: The Hong Kong based Cathay Pacific stands at Number 5. Having over 120 planes, Cathay Pacific is one of the cleanest and Comfortable Airlines. Besides having a good safety record, Cathay Pacific is famous among Passengers travelling around Asia, Australia, North America and Europe. It is complimented by a Beautiful Airport in Hong Kong. The only drawback was that Cathay Pacific doesn’t have A380s. Many passengers want Cathay to operate A380s as well.

6.      Turkish Airlines: Number 6 on our list is Turkish Airlines. Based in Istanbul, it is another Middle East carrier with Excellent service. The Cabin Crew and In-Flight services are good, the biggest advantage with Turkish Airlines is that it has Destinations in over 100 countries. It has the widest network on our list. It has a good safety and maintenance record. If Turkish Airlines introduces A380s and some more luxurious seating, we will see the ranking improve.

7.      Qantas: The Australian National Carrier Qantas is at Number 7. Having a large Fleet with an excellent safety record, Qantas is famous in the Australian, Asian and Oceanic Region. Qantas has great service on its Domestic as well as International Routes. Its A380s are famous on Long Haul Routes. Besides that, it has a Good Entertainment System, Safety Record, Cabin Crew and Passenger Feedback. The only drawback is its location. Australia is situated far from most of the world, which doesn’t allow the Airline to connect to all Major destinations.

8.      Lufthansa: Based in Frankfurt, Lufthansa has a Fleet of over 250 Aircrafts flying all over the world. It may have one of the largest fleet of Airplanes, but lacks in cabin services when compared to the above 7. It has a good safety record, Maintenance, Seating and Cabin Crew. Its A380s and B747s have always been popular among passengers. Facing stiff competition from the Middle East Giants, Lufthansa need to improve its services and operations in order to improve the ranking. Meanwhile, it stands at Number 8.

ANA airplane

9.      All Nippon Airways (ANA): ANA is a famous Japanese Airline which has a huge fleet and a wide network. It connects to a lot of Destinations in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and Australia. It has good In-Flight services, Cabin Crew and Customer service. It has always been famous among passengers passing through Japan. ANA has a good safety record and possesses high quality standards.

10.   British Airways: Based in London Heathrow, British Airways just makes it to the Top 10 List. It has high quality standards, and fighting hard with its Middle East Rivals. British Airways was once the Best Airline, but was overtaken by the Gulf Giants. BA is famous for its Premium Seating, Services and Customer Handling. It has had a good safety record. It has Destinations in all the 6 Continents. Besides that, it offers connections between North America and Asia. Its A380s, B747s and B777s have been Popular among passengers. BA is extremely famous among Business Travellers, but we think they need to do more to outperform other toppers.

Do you Agree with our Rankings? Tell us in Comments. Which Airline do you like the most? If there is anything else you want to add, feel free to comment…….
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