Thursday, 2 March 2017

How to Stay Connected While Travelling

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Staying connected is something every traveller wants. Whether you are on a short trip or long trip, you want to be in touch with your family and friends. In the past, it was really difficult for travellers to connect to their relatives. They had to rely on International Phone call booths. Now times have changed. With the advances in technology, we now have a lot of ways to stay connected with our loved ones. We have posted Blogs on Travel Accessories, Travel Apps and Social Media in the past. In this Blog, we will talk about staying connected with loved ones. These are the tips to make sure you connect with your family, whenever required. Let’s get started…..

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1.   International Roaming: The first thing to consider is International Roaming Plans offered by your Mobile service provider. Usually they are expensive, but you can look for a better deal. While choosing a plan, make sure it has a few GB of Data Access and No Incoming call charge. If not, activate a basic roaming plan just for emergency.

2.    Local SIM Cards: Purchase a Local SIM at your destination. The tariffs are as per the location, and inexpensive.  They usually have lots of Data Plans and calling plans, which are great for Internet and Local Calls. Ask your Local guide and make the right decision. The Plans that you activate must end before your tour ends. Don’t pay extra.

Skipe Video Call

3.    Social Media: Install all Social Media Apps on your Phone. Social Media Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp are very famous and work well in keeping you connected. To know how to effectively use Social Media, read our Blog: Use of Social Media in Travel

4.    Wi-Fi Hotspots:  Search for Wi-Fi Hotspots wherever you go. Ask your Local Tour Guide to suggest places having Free Wi-Fi services. This will give you some time to interact with your friends and family. Also, look for Hotels and Resorts with Wi-Fi service. An accommodation with Wi-Fi service will give you enough time to connect with your loved ones.

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5.  Portable Wi-Fi Router: These are small portable devices that work as a small Wi-Fi Hotspot to connect multiple devices. They have a SIM Card slot, and work through Mobile network. It is somehow similar to Hotspots in-built in your smart phones. These devices help in connecting Laptops, Tablets, Smart TVs, etc. The only difference between Portable Hotspots and Mobile Hotspots is that the Portable ones have their own Battery and can connect more devices than a Mobile Hotspot. In our opinion, these devices are optional as they use Mobile network. But if you get good data plans, then its worth considering.

These are some simple ways in which you can stay connected with your Family and Friends. If you have more suggestions, comment down below…...

Portable Wi Fi Router

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