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How to make a Strong Visa Application

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Visa is a big concern for all International travellers. Most of the countries require Visa for entry, and have strict rules for the same. These rules vary from place to place. Some countries give Visa easily, while some are very strict. US Visa is the most difficult, followed by UK and Schengen. In fact, US is so strict that they don’t give Visa even to genuine Tourists. Anyhow, there are a few things which all countries consider before giving a Visa. In this Blog, we will discuss how you can make a strong Visa Application. No matter wherever you live or wherever you are going, these things will make your application strong enough for selection. Please note that the information in this Blog may differ for people from /visiting War Zones. Let’s get started…..

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1.     Strong Bank Statement: Make sure that your Bank Statement is strong. It should have regular transactions and sufficient funds. Bank balance of at least 7000 US$   is sufficient to qualify you for most countries. Also, regular flow of funds from Profession should be visible in the statement. Some countries ask for 3 Months statement, some 6 Months, and some 1 year prior to application. To be on the safer side, prepare a strong Bank statement and Tax Returns for 3 years prior to Visa Application.

2.     Ethical Profession:  Make sure that you have an ethical profession. The funds should not be from any illegal activities. Source of your Funds is also important. This is done in order to prevent criminals, scamsters and terrorists from entering their country. Every country wants Good and Respected people in their society. A person involved in illegal activities pose a threat to local population. Present work documents, salary slips, corporate IDs, Employer letters, Certificate of incorporation, etc. are required to prove that you are involved in Ethical activities.

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3.     No Legal Obligations: If you have faced any Legal Charges or conviction in the past, make sure that you have fulfilled all Legal Obligations. Any pending Legal Obligations act negatively to your application. This is done in order to prevent convicted or charged persons from fleeing their Home country. There have been many cases of Criminals and Fraudsters fleeing to other countries to escape trial.

4.     Strong Ties: All your Documents must show that you have strong ties in your Home country. This means that you have social, Personal and Professional obligations forcing you to come back after the trip. This is considered in order to prevent people from becoming illegal immigrants. You can prove this through Business details, Employer Details, School/College IDs, Marriage certificates, etc.

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5.     Well Planned Itinerary: You must have a well-planned itinerary of your trip. Disclose all details honestly with the places you would be visiting, Travel Dates, accommodations, etc. This shows that you have a clear objective for the trip. If you are associated with a Tourist Group, let the Travel company handle the procedure. If required, make Flight Bookings for proof of Travel. Airlines have a provision for full refund in case of Visa rejection.

These were 5 main points which makes your Visa Application strong enough to be qualified. Please note that this info is only for temporary Tourist/Visitor Visa only. As discussed above, US, UK and Schengen are the most difficult ones to get. To know exactly what you should do to qualify them, read the following 3 Blogs:

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