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How to find Cheap Flight Tickets

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Saving money is very important during Travels. Flights and Hotels are a big part of travel expenditure. Thus, it is important to find the cheapest rates for your flights. A long time back, we posted a Blog – “How to find accommodation for your Trip”. In this Blog, we will discuss how you can find good deals on your flight tickets. These tricks will help you find cheap tickets for all your Air Travels. The information in this Blog is based on inputs from our Followers, Travelers, Travel Agents and other Travel Bloggers. Also, these suggestions apply for all Domestic and International Airfares. Let’s get started…….

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1.      Be Flexible: In this World, you can either save money or time. So, if you want to save money, be flexible in time. Be prepared to fly on any day or time. Prices vary according to Time and Travel Destination. Whenever you search for flights, search +3 days and -3 days. This will bring out the cheapest fares. For example: If you are planning to travel on 15th of February, search tickets from 12-18 February.

2.      Connecting Flights: Nowadays, a connecting flight is cheaper than direct flight. If you have the time, you can go for it. Avoid connecting flights when you are travelling with infants. It can be very annoying for you and the kids. Make connections only when comfortable. Some connections may be insane. For example: Travelling from Delhi to London via Singapore, or Sydney to Singapore via Tokyo. They may offer you cheap tickets, but choose only when convenient.

3.      Trial and Error: Searching cheap flights can be time consuming. You need to check every date and time. There may be numerous flights to your destination. You need to check all Permutations and Combinations. Sometimes you may travel from one Airline, and come back from another. Also, part booking can save money. for example: If you are travelling from Sydney to London, a direct connection with one stopover may be available. You may change flights at Dubai or Singapore. But if you book Sydney to Dubai, and then Dubai to London separately, you may save some money. These things will thus, require a lot of trial and error.

4.      Flight Searches: Airline search engines like Kayak, Airfare Watchdog, Sky Scanner and Make My Trip can be of great help. They search for the best deals, and give you a reasonable price. Once you find your flights, visit the Airlines Official Website and compare. Before purchasing, ask your local travel agent for the same. Purchase from the one giving you the best price.

5.      Clear Browsing Data: Clear your Browsing data as some Airlines and travel companies track them. If the find that you are regularly searching for a particular flight, they may increase the fare to create urgency among travellers.

6.      Choose Airports: Sometimes main city Airports have high landing fees, which passes on to the passengers. Instead, fly to a nearby small Airport. This is possible especially in Europe, where you can land at a small airport and travel to the city by Bus/Taxi/Rail.  For example: landing at London Gatwick instead of London Heathrow. Another example may be landing at Newark instead of New York JFK Airport. Please note that the cost of transit from smaller Airport to your Hotel should not exceed the difference in Airfare.


7.      Airline Memberships: You can opt for Airline Memberships. They can offer great discounts and free flights. There are some big membership clubs like Sky Team, Star Alliance and One World. They are a group of many carriers. Choose the one having regular services to your home country.

8.      Place of Purchase: If you are purchasing International tickets, book from wherever you are. On the other hand, if you are purchasing Domestic tickets, purchase from the Home country. For example: If you are visiting Australia, and wish to visit Melbourne and Brisbane, the flight ticket from Melbourne to Brisbane must be purchased from Australia. Purchase from your home country may be expensive due to currency changes.

9.      Days of Purchase:  According to Travel Agents and travellers, the best days to purchase tickets are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. These weekdays are considered to be the best time to purchase as Airlines offer good deals. Weekends are when tickets are expensive.


10.   Preferred time of Purchase: The best time to purchase Domestic Flight tickets is 3 Months to 15 Days in advance. On the other hand, International Flight tickets must be purchased 5 Months to 1 Month in advance. 

These were some ways in which you can find cheap flight tickets for yourself. If we have missed something, feel free to comment down below……. 

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