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Pleasure of Flying in an A380

Emirates A380

The Airbus A380 is the biggest passenger plane ever built. Its First Flight was from Singapore to Sydney in 2007. The plane was launched with Singapore Airlines as its First Customer.  Soon, other big carriers also got it in their fleet. It is a Giant Machine with State of the Art Technology, Innovation and Sophisticated Flight Controls. It is 40% more spacious than a Boeing 747.  It is the first jet built with two full decks of seating, and can hold up to 850 passengers in an all Economy configuration. Usually, it is used in a 3-class configuration with 525 seats. The seating configuration differs from Airline to Airline. The extra space makes this plane more spacious and comfortable than any other Aircraft. The Airbus A380 has always been our favourite, and mentioned in many of our Blogs. Thus, we decided to dedicate our 100th Blog to this Gigantic Airliner. In this Blog, we will share Facts and Features of this Mind Boggling Jet. Let’s get started…..



1.  Size: The A380 is 73m long and 80m wide from wingtip to wingtip. Its Tail makes it 7 stories high. This giant size makes it a distinctive sight in the sky. She wows everyone around. This super-size got her the nickname Super Jumbo.

2.   Range: It has a long range of almost 16000 kms with a top speed of 1020km/h. it can travel halfway round the world without refuelling. In fact, the world’s longest flight is on an A380. Emirates A380 flies Non-stop from Dubai to Auckland, taking around 16hrs and 30mins. Similarly, Qantas A380 flies 16 hrs Non-stop from Sydney to Dallas.

3.   Technology: It is one of the most technologically advanced Airplane flying in the sky. The Brain of the Jet is so smart, it can detect and cure slightest of malfunctions. Besides that, many A380 pilots say that it is extremely responsive and easy to fly, despite its size. Automation has made this plane an efficient machine.

Lufthansa A380

4.   Safety Features: The Safety Features on this Aircraft are incredible. It has around 250,000 sensors that monitor each and every move, and report on even the slightest of malfunctions. The Backup systems are so strong, that it can guide the plane to a safe landing on emergency. Also, Airbus has designed special Flight Simulators to help Airlines train their Pilots. These things have made the plane one of the safest in the sky, and with an excellent safety record.

5.  Seating: It has room for around 525 passengers in a normal 3-class configuration. Airlines accommodate Economy passengers on the Main Deck, and First and Business Class passengers on the Upper Deck. There are 13 Airlines today operating the A380 on this configuration. Recently, Emirates launched a Two-Class configuration A380 with Business and Economy class. It has 615 seats, and is the biggest plane by seating plan.

6.   Comfort: The A380 is a flying Cruise ship with unprecedented luxury. Its Economy Class seats are wider than that of any other plane, making it very comfortable for Economy Passengers. The First and Business class are much more Luxurious and spacious. Etihad Airways used the extra space to offer On-Board Apartments to First Class Passengers. The comfort in all classes is so immense; passengers pay a premium to fly on an A380.

The Residence on Etihad A380

7.   Features: The A380 offers some of the most distinctive features in the Air. These include Bathrooms with shower, Double Bed, Bar, Duty-Free Shop, Social Areas and Two Staircases. All these features are accessible only to First and Business Class Passengers, and differ from Airline to Airline. For Economy Passengers, there are larger seats and Aisles, which make it very comfortable in Long Haul Flights.

8. Quiet: The Plane is extremely quiet and Noiseless. Take-off and Landing are very smooth and comfortable. Sometimes you don’t feel the sound of the Aircraft Taking off. While flying, it is smooth and doesn’t make much noise.

9.   Long Haul Flights: The A380 is used on both Short and Long Haul Routes, but they are best for Long Haul Travel. Many passengers have agreed that a Long Haul Flight on an A380 is much more comfortable than on any other Airplane. In fact, there are cases where people spend extra to travel in an A380. Chances of Jet Lag are also less on an A380.

10. New Planes: Every year around 20 A380s are added to the skies. Presently, there are more than 200 of them flying. People all over the world love it, and want to travel more and more in this Beautiful Machine.


These are the main features of the Airbus A380. It is an aircraft which everyone should experience. Here is a list of Airlines having A380s in their Fleet:

1.       Emirates
2.       Etihad
3.       Qatar Airways
4.       Singapore Airlines
5.       Qantas
6.       Malaysia Airlines
7.       Thai Airways
8.       Lufthansa
9.       Air France
10.   British Airways
11.   Asiana Airlines
12.   Korean Air
13.   China Southern


Check their websites to know which Destinations they serve with an A380. While Booking Tickets, there is a column “Aircraft”, it should mention “A380”. Emirates have the largest Fleet of A380s. They serve more than 45 Destinations, and give you a great chance to experience the Jet.

When was the First Time you Travelled on an A380 and where? Tell us by commenting down below…..

Qatar A380

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