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Getting Around in a City Abroad

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Getting around new cities is exciting. You may visit a new city in your Home country, or in any other country. Both experiences are different and interesting. We have decided to post 2 Blogs on both these experiences. In the First Blog, we had discussed about Tips to get around a city within your Home country. In this Blog, we will discuss things you should remember before getting around a city in a foreign country. If you haven’t read the first blog, find the link at the end of this Blog. Let’s get started…..

Travelling abroad

1.    Culture Study: Read about the Culture of the country that you are visiting. This will give you some idea about the place you are visiting and its people. Info on some Festivals, Carnivals or Events can also be gathered.

2.    Basic Research: Do some research on the city you are visiting. This may include places to see, eat, hangout etc.  Since you are visiting another country, you can’t afford to go without it. Also, talk to other travelers about the place, its safety and security.

3.    Language: Language is very important as it is the way you communicate with the locals. Language Barriers are very common especially in China and Japan. English is the universal language, but there are countries where locals don’t speak it. If you are visiting a country having language barriers, make sure you have an English speaking tour guide or a translating book with you. Nowadays, some mobile apps are also available which can translate any language.

4.  Public Transport: Enquire about the Public Transport facilities in the city. Keep a card of the Hotel/Accommodation with you. If the place has language barriers, ask your guide/hotel staff to write down important addresses.

5.    Map: Ask your guide or Hotel staff to give you a Map of the city. The Map will help in finding ways in the city. Prefer Maps with English Language to avoid any difficulties. Also, download an offline Map of the city on your Phone. Offline Maps are better than online, as they don’t require internet.

6.    Food Items: Make sure to carry some Basic Food Items with you. In a Foreign country, you have to adapt their Food and way of eating. In case you don’t find that comfortable, your own food items will help.

7.  Be Confident: Always walk like a confident person. A nervous face may attract scamsters or manipulators. Also, don’t panic at any critical situation.

8.  Follow Instincts: Follow your instincts and Logic. If you don’t find something comfortable and convincing, take a second opinion. Think in a positive and wise manner.
Eating out

9.  Presence of Mind: Presence of Mind is very important. You should be able to make out any suspicious thing, person or behavior. Have a clear focus on your path.

10. Emergency Numbers: keep a note of all emergency numbers. Numbers of Family, Friends, Relatives, Tour Company, Guide, Hotel, etc.  should be in your Phone. Since you are in a foreign land, contact details of Local Police and Embassy of your Home country should be there. Also, keep address of your Hotel/accommodation in Local language.

11. List of Important Places: Make a list of places that you are planning to visit and see. If possible, make a clear itinerary of your trip. Also, keep a note of prohibited places. Ask your guide about places you should avoid. These may include places ruled by scamsters and criminals.

These were a few things you should make sure before getting around in a city in a foreign country. If you would like to share some of your suggestions, comment down below…..

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