Thursday, 22 September 2016

Heidelberg : A Breath-taking German City

Heidelberg castle
Heidelberg is a city in southwest Germany.  Heidelberg lies on the river Neckar.  It is one of the most romantic cities in Germany, thanks to its River side location, Beautiful Old Bridges and Castle.  It attracts many visitors each year with its Picturesque Landscapes and Sights.  Heidelberg h gives its visitors an excellent Dining and Entertainment Experience as well, making it a great choice for tourists.  Usually added with Europe Tour, Heidelberg is now becoming a Nice Place for Holiday Makers and Honeymoon couples. Like many other places in Europe, Heidelberg is also a small and beautiful destination.


Getting around Heidelberg is exciting. You can take Public Transport, but if you have time then walk around. Many European cities provide you the luxury of walking around and exploring, Heidelberg is also one of them. The Heidelberg Castle is the most popular sight here.  The Heidelberg Castle rises up on a rocky hilltop over Old Town.  It is one of the most impressive buildings in Europe and a highlight among the German Castle Road. Apart from the Castle, other major attractions include Old Town, Town Hall, Old University, Renaissance Town House, Marcus’ Squares, Hauptstrasse, Philosophers May, Carl Theodor Old Bridge, Marktplatz, Funicular, Church of the Holy Spirit and Neckar River Park. You should have at least 2 days to cherish the beauty of this city.
Neckar River Park

Heidelberg has a good Food and Shopping Culture.  You can go for a Gourmet Dinning along the active Neckar River or enjoy the outdoor cafes. Heidelberg has good restaurants all around the city. The Restaurants not only serve European Food, but also specialize in Asian and American cuisine.  Shopping is world class in Heidelberg. Just like any other big city, it has amazing market places and retail shops. All sorts of Brands are available here serving all classes. Heidelberg is a city with exotic food, world class shopping and Nightlife.

Getting to Heidelberg is easy,it’s an hour drive from Frankfurt. You can go by Road/Rail while enjoying beautiful landscapes and the German Countryside. As we know that Frankfurt is a world class and well connected city in Germany, getting to Heidelberg is not a problem. People flying from other Continents may arrive in Frankfurt, but we recommend European Travelers to come via Rail/Road. Though it depends on your Travel Plan and Itinerary, but if possible consider Rail/Road.

Carl Theodor Old Bridge

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