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How to Find Good Food while Travelling

Street food in Singapore
Food is an essential part of your travel. It gives you the energy to travel around and participate in adventures.  Also, it saves you from any health related issues. When you are in a foreign land, it is necessary for you to know what to eat and from where. A few months back we posted a Blog on “Food Items to carry while travelling”, where we discussed different food items you should carry on your trip. In this Blog, we will share some tips on how you can find the right food for yourself. Besides that, we will also tell you which small items can fulfill your hunger. These things will help you in adjusting with different food cultures around the world. So let’s get started…..

Street food in Singapore1

1.   Food Culture: Read about the Food Culture at your Destination. Different places have different eating habits and Food Items. For example- Tea is served a little cold in Europe, while it’s served hot in parts of Asia. Chinese foods are cooked differently in the United States, and in a different way in China.  Talk to other Travelers about the place you are visiting and its food culture.

2.    Food Apps: Browse the Internet or download Apps that give you a list of good restaurants at your destination. Nowadays, many Apps are available which can search for nearby restaurants and their directions. You can also ask your Tour Guide or the Locals. A city can have thousands of restaurants serving numerous types of cuisines. Hence it’s important to search for the one suiting your taste.
Cup Noodles

3.   Small Meals: If you are faced with a situation where you can’t find anything good to eat, have some small snacks and Fruits. Fruits, Milk and Confectioneries are available all over the world. For Example: Buy 2 Bananas and a bottle of Milk Shake as your Lunch. They are not only healthy, but have the capacity to fulfill your food requirements. Similarly, Snacks like Sandwiches and Pastas are widely available, and may be considered.

4.  Fast Food: Fast Food may not be that Healthy, but are good sometimes. Fast food joints like McDonald’s and Burger King have their outlets all over the world. Their Menu differs from Place to Place, but they have something for everyone.

5.    Cafes: Cafes are great if you are visiting a cold place. Just grab a cup of coffee with some snacks and you are good to go. Cafes do not have many food items, but are ok for a small break.  If possible, look for Cafes having a wide variety of snacks.

6.   Packaged Foods: Packaged foods such as Biscuits, Muffins, Cornflakes, Oats, Cup Noodles, Fruit Buns, Cup Cakes, etc. may be of great help. Make sure you visit a nearby grocery store and buy few of them at the beginning of your trip.

7.   Vegetarian Food: People from Asia face problems in finding Vegetarian food in other parts of the world. Some are fine with a little Non-Veg food, but some are very strictly vegans. People who are vegetarians should look for Asian cuisines like Indian, Thai and Chinese. If you are not able to find them, try having things like French Fries, Breads, Buns, Cup  Noodles, Fruits and Dairy Products.

8.   Hygiene: Whatever you choose to eat, see that it has been cooked at a hygienic place. If you feel something uncomfortable or an unbearable smell, avoid eating from them.

These are a few Tips on how you can eat well while travelling. People may have different Tastes and Preferences, but these are the ones which are popular and convenient. If you would like to share more on this, comment down below.

Have a Healthy Trip…..
Japanese Restaurants in Tokyo

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