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How to Prepare for a Road Trip

Road Trip by Car3
Travelling can be done by Air, Rail or Road. All give you different experiences. You Travel to far off Places by Air or Rail. Places which are nearby may be covered by Road. Sometimes you Travel via Public Bus, and sometimes you take out a car and drive yourself. Road Trips are now becoming common among people. It gives them a chance to enjoy the journey themselves. Many travelers are now taking their friends and families on Road Trips.  This Blog is dedicated to all those Travelers who go for Road Trips, or are planning to do so. We will tell you a few simple tips which will make your Road Trip Exciting, Fun filled and Safe. So let’s get started…..

Road Trip by Car

1.     Check Vehicle: Check all Parameters of your Vehicle a day before your journey. These may include Tyres, Wheel Balancing, Oil, Servicing, Lights, AC, etc. if something needs to be fixed, get it done quickly.

2.     Fuel: Get your Fuel Tanks filled up early. Also have some extra then what you require.  Try to Save some Fuel on the journey by Regulating AC, taking short routes, switching off at signals, etc.

3.     License: Check your Licenses and Car Papers before leaving. If you are in a different country, make sure you have a temporary driving license or documents which comply with local rules.

4.   Car on Hire: In many countries, Cars are given on Hire to Travelers. If you are taking one, make sure your Bookings and Paperwork is complete well in advance.
Road Trip by Car1

5.   Directions: Make sure your car has GPS installed for giving you the directions. You can also use Google Maps on your Smart Phone or Tablet. As a backup, carry a Map in physical form as well. You can take a print out a day before your journey.

6.   Sleep Well: Have a good 8-9 hours of sleep before the Journey. It will help in reducing Fatigue and Laziness.

7.    Leave Early: Try to leave early for your trip. Leaving at 4 or 5 AM will give a full day to travel or explore your destination. It also helps in avoiding traffic and cruising to your destination.

8.    Snacks: Have some snacks on board. This will help you to munch on whenever you are craving for some light snacks.

9.   Small Trash Bag: Have a small Trash Bag to throw any wrappers, wastes, etc. this will help in keeping the car clean and tidy.

10. First Aid Kit: Carry a small basic First Aid Kit. Carry some Basic Medicines, Ointments and Creams. God Forbid anything happens, you can at least have some basic treatment.

11.  Chargers: Carry your Phone/Tablet/Laptop chargers with you. You don’t want your battery to drain out when away. A Power Bank is a great option.

12.  Have a Friend/Relative: Though most of the people travel with family and friends, but those who don’t, do so.  A 3 hour journey alone is longer than a 10 hour journey with Family/Friends.
Great Ocean Road

13. Music: Take your favourite Music with you. It will make your drive much more relaxing and enjoyable.

14.  Embrace the Journey: Embrace and Cherish each moment of your journey. There are many things which you explore while driving on countryside roads. Some treasures are only visible when you are driving by them, not flying over them. So enjoy the journey. Sometimes the journey is better than the destination.

15.  Have a Budget: Make a Budget of your trip with details about accommodations, food, sightseeing and Fuel. Spend Wisely and Save Money wherever possible. 

16. Be Safe: Follow Traffic rules and Drive safely. Bad driving can turn your adventure to a nightmare.

17. Have Fun: Road Trips are great and give you endless memories. So enjoy each and every second of your trip.

These are a few Tips to prepare yourself for a Road Trip. If you have something more to add, feel free to comment down below…..

Have a safe trip…..
Road Trip by Car2

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