Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Vatican : Smallest Country of the World

Vatican city
After the Roman Empire fell in the 5th century, the City of Rome gradually came under the control of the Pope.  For centuries, the Pope was called King Pope. Little by little, he built his own Empire. When Italy got United, the Pope held back and remained behind the Vatican Walls for 60 years.  Finally, the Vatican was established as a separate Nation in 1929.  It is an independent country inside the city of Rome. Only about a quarter mile squared, it is the smallest country in the whole world.  It is however, the richest country of the world when measured for Per Capita Wealth and has the lowest birth rate.

Sistine Chappell

There is only one way of getting around Vatican i.e. by foot. It will take you a full day to explore all its wonders. It may be the smallest country, but has the most famous monuments of the world. The Monuments depict the Roman, History, Art and Architecture.  The St. Peters Basilica is the longest church on the Planet at about 186 metres in length. Inside, it is absolutely beautiful with some major works of Art.  There is also the Largest and the second largest Bronze Monument in the world inside it. It is surrounded by the Apostolic Palace and the Sistine Chappell.  The St. Peters’ Basilica took 114 years to build from 1506 to 1620.
Apostolic Palace

The Sistine Chappell has a triangle rooftop and is a distinctive sight. It is where the new Pope is elected in the Conclave Election.  Inside, there are famous Paintings of Michelangelo. There are attached Vatican Museums inside the Chappell. With ancient Art Work, these Museums are so large, that if you spend 15 seconds looking at each work of Art, it will take you 3 years   to see all. Hence, go with a Tour Guide for a fun and exciting experience without tiredness.
Vatican Guards.

Apart from St. Peters’ Basilica and Sistine Chappell, other major attractions include St. Peters’ Square, Vatican Guards, Vatican Museums and Gardens around the Vatican. Vatican is thus a small and beautiful Nation that gives you a glimpse of the Roman History, Art and Architecture. You just need one full day to explore the country. Tourists add Vatican while visiting Rome. If you are visiting Rome for 2 days, you can add an additional day for the Vatican. When in Vatican, don’t forget to take pics with Vatican Guards and purchase Vatican Postal Stamps. It’s a treat for hard-core History and Art lovers.


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