Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Quebec : An Exotic Winter Sports Destination

City of Quebec
Quebec is the capital of the Canadian Province of Quebec. Having more than half a million residents, the city is a quiet and Beautiful example of Natural Beauty. Being very close to the Arctic, it has long cold winters. The weather in winters is freezing cold with regular snowfall. The cold and chilly climate has developed Quebec into a famous winter sports destination.  The summer months are full of action with tourists visiting from all over the world. Situated on the Banks of the St. Lawrence River, this is a town with good looks and a big heart.  Like Montreal, Quebec is also a city with a French Flare. Buildings and Monuments depict the French history & culture. This beautiful town has now gained a lot of popularity among tourists. Quebec can be clubbed with Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, as these cities are a few hours’ drive from Quebec. Quebec can be fully explored in 2 days, making it a small weekend destination.

Winter Sports in  Quebec
Getting around Quebec is smooth and easy. You can either take its Local Buses or just walk around. Just like any other small Alpine city in the world, Quebec is best explored on foot. If you are visiting in winters, you need to wear Boots to walk properly on Thick Ice. Those visiting in winters can enjoy the winter carnival of Quebec. It’s a fun filled experience. While Discovering Qu├ębec’s highlights, you will be zigzagging between the Upper Town and the Lower Town. Attractions in Quebec include Montmorency Falls Park, Place Royale, Basilique Cathedrale-Notre-Dame-de-Quebec, Plains of Abraham, Morrin Centre, Aquarium du Quebec, Joan of Arc, Levis Ferry, St. Lawrence River, La Promenade des Gouverneurs, Old Port and Hotel de Glace. Hotel de Glace is a famous Ice Hotel made wholly from Ice & snow. The Hotel is operational in winters from Jan-March.  Do check it out, as it’s marvellous.
Basilique Cathedrale-Notre-Dame-de-Quebec

Quebec is a city known for its Beauty, People and History. Thus, Food and Shopping are not that famous here. Though there are multi-cuisine Restaurants, Bars and Cafes; the best thing visitors do is grabbing a hot cup of coffee and enjoying the views. European food is famous here, especially French. Street cafes can be found all around the city, serving some of best beverages. Shopping is like any other small city with some Malls and complexes. Major Brands may be found here. But as said earlier, Quebec is not famous for shopping. You can purchase souvenirs and clothes if you want, otherwise focus on exploring the city.

The best way of reaching Quebec is by road. It is just a few hours’ drive from Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto. Rail routes are there from other Canadian cities as well. According to your itinerary, you can start from wherever you want. If you are Canadian, it’s a great weekend getaway. People from other countries should keep Quebec as an add-on with other cities of the Canadian East Coast. Winter Sport Lovers will really love Quebec during its long winters.

So, go ahead and plan your trip to Quebec.

St. Lawrence River

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