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How to Save Money on Travel

Money is an important part of Travel. It allows you to Buy Stuff, Pay Bills and Explore your Destination. Every traveller wants to utilize his/her money in the best way possible. We all want to extract the maximum out of our cash. A smart traveller is one who fully utilizes his/her money without compromising on anything. A few months back, we posted a Blog on “How to Manage Money while Travelling”, where we discussed Money Management and Care. In this Blog, we will discuss some great ways in which you can save Money on Travels. These Tips and Tricks will help in Maximum Exploration at Minimal cost! Let’s get started…..

Hotel reservation

1.  Book Early: The Best way of Saving Money is by making advance bookings of your accommodations and tickets. Early Bookings saves almost 30-40% of your Booking cost. It also gives you the opportunity to get the Best Hotels at reasonable prices. For example: A Hotel in the City Centre may be very expensive, but an early booking can get you a room there at a reasonable price.

2.    Cheap Accommodations: A Hotel/Resort may be slightly expensive.  Thus, you can consider some cool alternatives such as Hostels, Couch-Surfing, Home-sitters, etc. they are not only cheap, but also gives you an opportunity to stay with Locals. Do check on the internet about their reviews and recommendations. Some online Portals are also available which are specially designed for this purpose.

3.    Cook Food Yourself: Instead of spending money in Restaurants, try to cook yourself. Though it is possible only when you have access to a Kitchen or Electric Pan, but it’s a great way of saving money.

4.   Supermarket: Purchase Food Items and Groceries from a local supermarket. You will get many things at reasonable prices. People who want to have Liquor; supermarkets are the best and cheapest ways of buying them. In fact, you can purchase small food items which can replace your Lunch or Dinner.
Super market

5.    Use Public Transport: Avoid roaming around in Taxis. Jump on to the Public Transport Network. Some of the best cities in the world like Singapore, Hong Kong, London and New York have a strong and robust Public Transport system. You can purchase day/weekly passes to save money.

6.    Walk Around: Many places in the world can be explored on foot.  Explore by Foot as much as you can. In Europe, there are many small and beautiful cities which travellers explore on foot. Similarly, you can also explore your destination by foot and cherish each and every detail of the Place for Free.

7.  Avoid Excessive Currency Exchange: Carry a fair amount of currency with you. Exchanging currencies cost money. Every time you exchange, you pay commission. Try and Purchase the currency from your Home country before travelling.

8.   Travel in Groups: A group tour costs less as the cost gets divided into all group members. If possible, try and stay with your friends by sharing accommodations. If you have a friend at your destination, stay at their place. This will minimize your spending on accommodation.

9.     Don’t Buy Crap: Sometimes travelers purchase 20 different souvenirs/items which are crap. Instead purchase 1 or 2 good souvenirs/items.  Excessive and unnecessary shopping must be avoided.

10.   Be Selective on Sights: Select the sights you want to see. There may be numerous places to see in a city, select which you really wanna see. Places which you don’t mind avoiding should be missed.

11. Offseason Travel: Prefer travelling in Offseason months. Prices are almost 30-40% cheap in Offseason. This will save a huge chunk of your money. Holiday season months are not only expensive, but also crowded enough to discourage you from exploring major sights. Use Free Wi-Fi: You need to be connected with your friends and Family while travelling. Hence, use free public Wi-Fi Hotspots to access the internet. Before Booking your Accommodation, check if the place has free Wi-Fi or not.

These are some cool ways in which you can save money while travelling. It may differ from person to person how they utilise their money. If you wish to share some of your suggestions, comment down below…..

Have a nice trip…..

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