Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Getting Around New Cities in Your Home Country


Getting around a new city can be Fun and Adventurous.it may be in your Home country or abroad, both experiences are different. A new city in the Home country is easy to get around as compared to the one abroad. We will Post two Blogs one after the other to give you Tips on both. In this Blog, we will Share some Things that you should do while travelling to a new city within your Home country. These are some basic things that will help you explore the new place in an effective and exciting manner.  Let’s get started…..


1.   Research: Do some Research on the Place you are visiting. Get info on what to see, where to eat, shopping, etc. since you are travelling within your Home country, things would be easy for you. Also, ask people who have travelled to the place before.

2.   Book in Advance: Make Travel and Accommodation Bookings in advance. It safeguards you from being stranded at the new place. Also, you can’t trust strangers when it comes to place of stay.

3.    Map of the City: Make sure you have a Map of the city. It may be a Physical Map or in digital form. Google Maps should be handy as well. A smart phone with GPS would be extremely helpful.

4.  Public Transport Enquiry: Enquire about different modes of Public Transport and its Prices. If possible, get a day or weekly pass of the Bus or Metro. App based Taxis can also be considered.

5.   Make Notes: Keep a Note of all Rail/Bus Stations and the Airport. Write down their distance and direction from where you are living. You can ask the Locals or Hotel staff as well.

6.   Presence of Mind: Presence of Mind is very important as it helps you in dealing with unexpected situations and finding ways. A clear focus will help you find your destinations and read road signs.

7.    Places to Avoid: Every city in the World has some areas which Tourists should avoid. Keep a note of them. These may be prohibited areas or places ruled by criminals.

8.    Don’t Panic: The biggest advantage that you have is that you are in your Home country. Hence, you shouldn’t panic at any situation. Be calm and cheerful.

9.  Emergency Numbers: Keep Phone numbers of your Hotel, Guide and Family/friends handy. Whenever you are in an emergency quickly seek their help. Also, keep updating your Location on any Social Media Platform.

10. Follow your Instincts: When you are at a new place, it is important to follow your Instincts. Keep your eyes open to detail and use Logic. If you don’t find something comfortable, don’t do it.

These were 10 Tips on How to get around a new city in your Home country. Remember, exploring a new City is not very difficult. It depends on your Intelligence and Presence of Mind. In the next Blog, we will discuss How to get around a New City Abroad. Meanwhile, you can Post your Comments and Suggestions down below, and don’t forget to join us on Facebook. Link is given below.

So, have a safe journey…..!


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