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Emerging Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoon is the most important vacation of your life. You not only want it to be good, but also exciting. There are thousands of places around the world where you can celebrate your Honeymoon. It all depends on your choice, and of course choice of your spouse. Different Places offer Different Experiences. Some are Adventurous and Thrilling, while some are Breath-taking and Romantic. There are some places which are famous for years, and some places which have slowly emerged as a Honeymoon Destination. A while back, we posted a Blog on “Popular Honeymoon Destinations”, which had a list of 10 most popular Honeymoon Destinations. In this Blog, we will list 10 places which are slowly and steadily becoming famous among Honeymoon Couples. These are Places which have emerged recently. Please note that we will include names of specific cities, states and countries in this list.

The 10 Emerging Honeymoon Destinations are:

1.   Dubai: In the last decade, Dubai has developed itself into a world class tourist destination. This Giant Paradise is now becoming the choice of many Honeymoon couples. The Vibrant Beaches and Manmade Islands are now  as good as Hawaii or Maldives. Couples looking for a Beach Holiday in warm weather may consider Dubai.
Bull Ring Madrid

2.  Spain: Earlier Spain was a country mostly visited by Europeans or Americans. But now Spain is becoming famous among tourists and Honeymoon couples from Asia, Africa and Australia. The Beautiful Beaches of Valencia, Party places in Barcelona, Adventure in Seville, amazing Ibiza and the Bustling city of Madrid is an attractive Package. Couples who want to have a beach holiday with some adventure and beauty may consider Spain.
Vienna city Austria

3.  Austria: For many years, couples have preferred Switzerland for their Honeymoon. But now its neighbours is also gaining popularity. Austria is the most Alpine Nation in the world. People are now flooding here to enjoy the cold climate and the mountainous natural beauty. Most cities in Austria can be explored by foot, including Vienna. Hence, it gives Honeymoon couples a great opportunity to hold hands and explore the beautiful landscape in detail.
Leaning Tower of Pisa

4.   Italy: The city of Venice has been famous for years, but now other Italian cities are also joining the list. Couples are now starting to plan full-fledged trips to Italy. They enjoy the History of Rome, Beauty of Florence, Gondola in Venice, Leaning Tower in Pisa and the Vatican. Some couples also add Milan to experience the Italian city life.
Kruger National Park South Africa

5.   South Africa:  South Africa is a great choice for Nature and Animal Lovers. Beautiful cities with Breath-taking Landscapes and a variety of Wildlife National Parks makes it an exciting place to be in. south Africa has seen its tourism industry grow in recent years. With a pleasant climate all around the year, it is something worth considering.
Istanbul City Turkey

6.    Turkey: Situated at the entry point of Europe, Turkey has impressed many with its History, Natural Beauty, Nightlife and Mediterranean cruises. A large number of Resorts are now open all around Turkey drawing millions of tourists every year. Mediterranean cruises are a big hit and shouldn’t be missed.
Fiji Island

7.  Fiji Islands: The small Island Nation of Fiji in the Pacific has now become a great place for Honeymoon couples. The Island is flooded with Excellent Beaches and Beach Resorts. With a quiet and soothing environment, it’s a great place to have a relaxing Honeymoon. It is a different world altogether in the middle of Pacific.
Seychelles Island

8.   Seychelles: Seychelles is a small and Beautiful Nation in Africa with lots to offer. Earlier , the country wasn’t known for attracting tourists. But now things have changed. It is a good choice for a nice Honeymoon Trip.
Anjuna Beach Goa

9.    Goa: The Beach state of Goa in India is an exotic holiday destination. Usually it was famous among Asians, but now a lot of western tourists are flooding as well. It’s Vibrant Beaches and Nightlife has made it a great Honeymoon Destination.

10. Florida: The state of Florida in the US has always been a great holiday destination. Now even Honeymoon couples are looking to it. Beaches in Miami and Theme Parks in Orlando give you a fun filled experience. Best for couples who love Fun and Adventure.

These are 10 Destinations which are gaining popularity day by day. If you wish to share some more destinations, comment down below…..
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