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Qualities of a Good Tour Guide

Tour Guide with Tourists
A Tour Guide is a person employed to show tourists around places of interest. He/she has the responsibility to cooperate and coordinate with all their tourists, and guide them throughout the trip. A Tour Guide may be for a particular place, city or for the entire duration of the tour. Some people get confused between a Tour Guide and a Tour Manager. A Tour Manager is one who is there with the tourists for the entire duration of the trip, whereas a Tour Guide may be temporary. Tour Managers usually hire Tour Guides for their Group. Sometimes the Tour Managers are themselves the Guide of the Group. In short, a Tour Manager may be a Tour Guide, but a Tour Guide is not always the Tour Manager. In this Blog, we will share some Qualities that all Good Tour Guides must possess. Let’s get started…..

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1.    Social Skills: The biggest quality that a good Tour Guide should have is Social Skills. He/she must be a social person, who is willing to start conversation with people. Tour Guides have to interact with strangers all the time. Hence, it is important that they possess good social skills. Social skills also make them friendly and humble towards their tourists.

2.   Attentive:  A good tour guide is always attentive. He/she listens to everyone, and is willing to answer their queries. Attentiveness helps in good communication and interaction between the guide and tourists.

3.    Polite and Jolly:  A Tour Guide should be Polite and Jolly towards his/her tourists. Being rude to anyone is unacceptable. The guide should be polite enough to win the respect of all tourists.

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4.   Approachable: The Guide should be approachable. He/she must be always available to solve the queries of their tourists. This makes everyone comfortable and frank to the guide. In short, the guide must be someone easy to get along with.

5.   Unbiased: Sometimes the guide end up being biased, he/she favours a few people in the group, and often ignore others. This may freak out the group resulting in arguments and quarrels. A Good Tour Guide is Unbiased and Transparent towards all the tourists.

6.    Knowledgeable: A Tour Guide may be for a particular place or city. Whatever their job is, he/she must be aware of each and every information. The guide should be ready to face any questions by the tourists. He/she cannot go blank on any question. If the question is out of your subject of expertise, note it and get back to the person later. The guide must also be updated about all latest developments and information about the place. A well informed guide is always appreciated.

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7.    Good Speaker: A Good Tour Guide is a Good Speaker. His/her voice should be audible to all. Also, he/she should be confident enough to address everyone.

8.   Share your Passions: If you are a Tour Guide, share your Passion and Experiences with the Group members. They are always interested in knowing about you and your life. This sharing nature also helps people in opening up with you.

9.    Humorous: A Tour Guide should have a Good Sense of Humour. It is important for bringing a smile on the faces of your guests. Avoid any form of insult as sometimes people may take it in a sarcastic manner.

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10. Give Personalised service: If possible, try to give personalised services. Giving Personalised services can make people feel special and appreciated. Don’t end up being partial in this process.

11. Be Willing to Help: A helping nature is highly appreciated. Try to help your guests whenever possible. Spend some time after the day to ask their queries and doubts.

These were the Qualities of a Good Tour Guide. If you have more suggestions, comment down below and contribute to this article. Your suggestions will make this article more fruitful to the readers…..

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