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Group Tours : Basic Pros & Cons

Group Travel to Beach
Group Tours are Tours where a group of people come together to Travel to a common destination. It is a concept which is very popular among tourists. Almost all travel companies offer Group Tours. Group Tours have a common itinerary to travel everywhere together. It is like meeting new people having similar interests in the destination. Groups are usually arranged by Travel companies, where they organise tour for 20-30 people. Some people make their own Groups by including their Friends and Family members. Whatever maybe your preference, it is an exciting way of Travel. Group Tours may be Fun, but they have their own Advantages and Disadvantages. In this Blog, we will share the Pros and Cons of Group Tours. It will help you in understanding the concept better, and take a decision accordingly. Let’s get started…..

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Advantages of Group Tours:

1.   Less Cost: The Cost of Travel is less in a Group Tour. Since the whole Group enjoys the same itinerary, they get Group discounts everywhere. Group Bookings in Hotels, Trains, Flights, Monuments, Attractions, etc. always attract some discount, reducing the cost per person. Individual Bookings may be a little expensive.

2.    Time Management: Group Tours are great when it comes to Time Management. Groups usually have strict schedules starting from 8AM to 8PM. The main objective of the group is to cover as many places as possible. Time is divided among all activities and sightseeing. This helps all members to cover all places without any laziness.
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3.   Punctuality:  Punctuality is very high in Group Tours. All members are concerned about other Group Members, and make sure that he/she doesn’t delay the group. Nobody wants to be the reason for delay. Also, Groups are managed by highly trained Tour Managers who ensure Punctuality. This helps the group in exploring as many places as they can.

4.     Security: Travelling to a foreign land in a group is safer than travelling individually. A scamster or criminal is scared to rob a group than an individual. Also, a group is more empowered than an individual. It also helps in coping with unforeseen circumstances and contingencies.

5.   Friendly Tour: When you find new friends, the journey becomes more exciting. Group is like a small family, where you not only travel together, but also play games, share experiences and have fun.
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Disadvantages of Group Tours:

1.     No Freedom: There are situations where you want to visit a different place, or spend more time at a place. Group Tours don’t give you this luxury. You have to either drop your plan, or make plans according to group timings.

2.   No Time for Self: Group Tours will not give you time for yourself. You have to be with the group even if you don’t feel like. If you Travel individually, you can take some rest, relax or do something creative. Group Tours may be tiring at times.
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3.   Touch and Go: Group Tours are well manged, but they have a big disadvantage. If you are visiting a city, you only have 2 or 3 days with 10 attractions to see, you will have hardly an hour to spend everywhere. This disables the possibility of fully experiencing or cherishing the beauty of a place. It is like a Touch and Go situation for you.

4.    Dependence on Group: There are many things which you wish to do alone, but are dependent on the group. In fact, people deal differently to situations. You may have different preferences leading to unwanted compromises. This difference may also lead to quarrels among group members.

5.    No Treasure Hunt: Groups usually have fixed itineraries with set places to see. On the other hand, when you are travelling individually, you can find Treasures. Some travelers explore on their own, and find places which are new and exciting. Discovering such places can help you in exploring a different side of your destination. Individual travelers share many places which are not in Group itineraries.

These were some Pros and Cons of Group Tours. You can now decide whether you want to Travel in a Group, or individually. Choices differ from person to person. If you have more to add, comment down below…..
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