Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Role of Global Positioning System in Travel

Global Positioning System or GPS is a Navigation system that helps you find your Location.it uses Satellite signals to determine Location and Directions. It is used by people all over the world to find Directions, Traffic Information, Weather and Distance between Places. It is capable of giving you Real Time Information about your Location and Travel Path. The GPS System has changed the way people Travel. Now they are much more alert and vigilant about their movements. In fact, it has encouraged many travellers to travel without a guide. GPS Devices are fitted in Cars, Vehicles, Buses, Trains, Planes, Laptops, Smart Phones, etc. to track its location. In this Blog, we will discuss the role of GPS in Travel, and How Travelers can use it to their advantage…..


1.   Accuracy: GPS Systems are getting accurate day by day. This helps in giving correct info about the Location. Accuracy also helps travellers to take quick steps, and move in the right direction. Accuracy increases Reliability on the GPS System.

2.    Shows Directions: A GPS System shows correct directions to a particular place. You just need to enter a starting point and destination; it will show you the way. It gives you the shortest possible route considering Traffic and Weather. Today, you can go from anywhere to almost anywhere in the world using GPS.

3.    Traffic Info: If you are on a Road or Bus Trip, it gives you info about the Traffic on your route. If the Traffic is severe, it also suggests alternate route to overcome the Traffic.
GPS on Tablet

4.   ETA: ETA stands for Estimated Time of Arrival. The GPS system gives you the estimated time of arrival at your destination. It calculates this by considering factors like Traffic, Average Speed, Stoppage Time and Weather.

5.    Saves Time and Money: As GPS guides you in the right direction, it saves time and cost of delays.  A wrong route can increase travel time and fuel cost. Thus, GPS has helped in saving a lot of Time and Money.

6.   Prevents Exploitation: Many times Taxi drivers and rickshaw pullers exploit people by charging more, and taking a long route. The use of GPS has helped in mitigating this problem. People now check the time and distance via GPS, and are competent enough to question the driver.
Google Maps

7.  Safety and Security: As GPS is present in all smart phones; it helps in tracking people during emergencies, contingencies and disasters. In recent years, a lot of lives have been saved by GPS Tracking. A GPS App also helps your Friends and Family to track you wherever you are.

8.   Increase in Tourism: Earlier people were afraid of travelling to unknown places. But now, people rely on GPS and Travel without any hesitation. This has increased the flow of tourists all around the world.

These are a few ways in which GPS plays an important role in Travel.  There are a lot of GPS Apps available online. The most famous one is Goggle Maps. Other Apps differ from place to place. Choose the one which suits you best. If internet is a problem at your destination, download offline Maps. If you have more to add, feel free to comment down below…..

Have a Nice Trip!

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