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Essentials of a Good Backpack

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Backpack Tours are famous among many travelers. A Backpack is a small compact bag that can accommodate your stuff for a short trip. It has room to keep clothes that you require for 5-6 days. It is a great option for Solo Travelers. This Bag requires less space, and is easy to carry. It looks small from outside, but has a lot of space inside. Nowadays, travellers don’t like to carry those bulky suitcases. Instead they prefer Backpacks. Backpacks are convenient in flights as well, as they can fit well in the overhead lockers. Backpacks are used in Solo Trips, Small Vacations, Friendly Tours, Adventure Trips and Sporting Expeditions. In this Blog, we will discuss the Essential Items you should carry in your Backpack. People often make mistakes while packing them, resulting in items getting left out. So, take care of the following……

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1.   Good Backpack: Always purchase a good quality Backpack. It should be made of strong material, and capable of carrying multiple items. Backpacks with capacity of 28-36 litres are the best. They are neither too small, nor too big. Also, check its straps and comfort level.

2.   Multiple Pockets: Make sure the Backpack has a lot of small and Big Pockets to accommodate items such as chargers, Toothbrush, tablet, notepad, etc. these pockets avoid confusion, and differentiate between multiple things. Carry all your Non-Clothing items in these pockets.

3.   Sufficient Clothes: A Backpack is capable of carrying clothes for 5-6 days. Anything more than this will increase your weight. Even if the Backpack can accommodate clothes for 7-8 days, carry only for 5-6 days. This gives you room for any unexpected load. To learn more about Packing Travel Bags, read our Blog:

4.    Check Weight: After packing, check its weight. You don’t want a huge burden on your shoulders. If you are travelling by Air, make sure it is less than 7 kgs. This will enable you to carry your Backpack in Hand Luggage. To read some tips on How to Reduce weight of Travel Bag, visit our Blog:
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5.   Small Toilet Kit: Make a small toilet kit with a small brush, toothpaste, soap, sanitiser and shampoo sachets. Don’t carry big tubes or bottles, as they increase weight and consume space. Similarly, a shaver is better than a full shaving kit.

6.  Chargers/Headphones: Try to keep common chargers/headphones for your Phone and Tablet.  Equipment like Camera, Tripod, Bluetooth speakers, etc. must be carried only when required. Nowadays, Smart Phones can do the job of Camera and i-Pod.

7.    Power Bank: A small Power Bank is very important. It helps in recharging your Phone and Tablet. In fact, they can also charge Cameras as well. A great option for travelers, as you can’t find plug points everywhere.

8.   No Laptops:  Don’t carry Laptops. They are heavy, and require a lot of space. Instead carry a Tablet. Carry Laptop only when Tablet cannot serve your purpose. If you are forced to take a Laptop, make sure you carry a small light weight one.
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9. Travel Documents: Dedicate a pocket to keep all your Travel Documents. If you are travelling abroad, take good care of your Passport and Foreign Currency.

10.Money: Divide your Cash into 4 equal parts. Put one in your Wallet, one in your Pocket, one in a pocket outside the bag, and the last in a pocket inside the bag. Equal distribution will help in extra safety of cash. Replacing cash with cards is also a good option. Carry 70% of your Money in Plastic cards, and 30% in Physical cash.

11. Small First Aid Kit: A small First Aid Kit is very important to cope with any emergency. A small pouch with basic medication is all that you need. Read more on Travel First Aid Kit on our Blog:

12. Light Snacks: Carry a few Packets of Light Snacks and Food Items in your Backpack. These are important to keep you replenished. Also, sometimes the food at your destination is not that good. Hence, keeping some food items is important. To read more on what food items you should carry while travelling, visit:
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13. Water: Keep at least 2 bottles of drinking water in your Backpack. This will keep you hydrated, especially on Adventure trips.

14. Notepad/Pen: Keep a Notepad and Pen in your Backpack. This will help in noting down important information related to your trip.

15. Avoid Books: Some Travelers like carrying Books and Novels. If possible carry them in e-book format in your tablet. In fact, you can store thousands of Books in Tablets.

These were some Essential Items you should carry in your Backpack. If you have more to add, comment down below and enhance the experience of all travelers. Your suggestions will be of great help to this article…..

Have a Nice Trip…..
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