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How to Prepare for a Bus Trip

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Coach or Bus Trips are an essential part of your Travel. Coach Trips are usually planned when you want to Travel by Road, without driving yourself. It’s also a great way to meet new people. Bus Trips are fun when you are travelling on a good road network with scenic views and landscapes. Coach Trips may be long or short depending on your destination. Thus, there are a few things which you need to carry before leaving for a Coach Trip. A few weeks back we posted a Blog – “How to prepare for a Road Trip”, where we discussed about Road Trips by Car. In this Blog, we will share some Tips, Suggestions and Things you must carry while travelling by Bus. Let’s get started…..

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1.     Road Network:  The first thing to do is to check whether the Road Network is good or bad. A bad road network can spoil your mood and give you bumps during the journey. A luxury coach will also make you uncomfortable on bad roads. Hence, make sure that roads are good making the ride comfortable.

2.     Bus Company: Book your seat with a trusted and efficient Bus operator. Ask other travellers about Bus operators and companies, and make the right choice. Also, enquire about seats, comfort and facilities On-Board.

3.   Advance Booking: Make advance bookings for your journey. This enables you to book your favourite seat and be more comfortable. It also guarantees your travel well in advance.

4.    Reach Early: Reach the Bus station at least 20 minutes before departure. This makes you much more comfortable in adjusting to your seat. In fact, sometimes Buses become crowded at the time of departure, making it difficult for you to adjust. If the seating is on First come First serve basis, then you must definitely come early.
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5.    Snacks: Have some snacks before the journey. Also, carry a few in your bag for the journey. Though Buses stop at stations, but you never know when the requirement comes.  When the Bus stops at Midways or stations, eat well to replenish yourself.

6.   Media Content: Carry loads of Media Content in your Mobile/Laptop/Tablet. This helps in passing time and enjoying the journey. Some Buses have Entertainment systems, but they offer limited content. So carry Movies, Videos and TV Shows for your entertainment.

7.   Power Bank: Carry a Power Bank with you. It helps in recharging your Phone and Tablet. Enjoying your content during the journey drains out their battery. Also, it’s hard to find a charging point On-Board.

8.    Blanket and Pillow: If you are on a long coach journey, carry a small Blanket or Pillow. Sometimes the atmosphere inside becomes too cold due to AC. Pillows help you to sleep comfortably.
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9.    Wi-Fi: If the Bus has On-Board Wi-Fi, use it to stay connected with family and friends. You can also surf the Internet for new content. If there is no Wi-Fi, Mobile Network may be used for the same.

10.   Small First Aid Kit: Carry a small First Aid Kit with you. God forbid something happens; at least you can give yourself basic aid. To know what all you can carry in a Travel First Aid Kit, read our Blog: http://360traveller.blogspot.in/2016/10/things-to-keep-in-travel-first-aid-kit.html

11.   Small Waste Bag: Carry a small waste bag to throw wrappers and garbage. You can empty them in Dustbins on Bus Stations. Keep the Bus clean and Tidy.

12.   Be Friendly:  Be friendly with all passengers. Have small conversations and connect with them.  Don’t misbehave in the coach. It throws a wrong impression on others.
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13. Avoid Heavy Clothes: Bus Trips don’t require heavy or designer clothes. If you are travelling in winters, its fine. In summers, wear light trousers, T-shirts, Capris, Long shorts, etc. these clothes make you more comfortable, especially in sweat.

14.  Water: Be hydrated at all times. Make sure you drink water at regular intervals. Don’t over-drink, as this may lead to urge of urination. Restrooms are not available on a Bus.

These were a few Tips on how you can prepare yourself for a Bus Trip. If you have more to add, comment down below.

Have a nice trip!
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