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10 Best Holiday Destinations with Visa On Arrival

Travellers on Beach
Tourism has grown a lot in the last few decades. Many small and big countries have opened their doors for foreign travelers by developing favorable infrastructure and attraction sights. These are the countries which earn a lot from tourism. In fact, some of them are entirely dependent on tourism. Out of these countries, there are a few which have either No-Visa or Visa On-Arrival. Countries having Visa On-Arrival charge a nominal fee on arrival, and grant a temporary visa for tourists. They check your Air Tickets and grant visa accordingly. Overall, there are almost 50-60 countries with Visa On-Arrival facility. This list differs from country to country. For Example: US citizens get Visa On-Arrival almost everywhere in the world. In this Blog, we are listing down 10 Beautiful Holiday Destinations where you can Travel without Visa or Visa On-Arrival. Here we go…..


1.   Thailand: This South-East Asian Country is one of the biggest Tourist spots in the world. Thailand is visited by millions of holiday makers every year, contributing billions to its GDP. Places like Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket are in the Bucket List of all travellers. Besides that, Thailand is also an exotic Honeymoon Destination. We have a Blog on Thailand. To view, click:
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2.    Indonesia: Indonesia is an exotic Island Nation with loads to offer.  A big hit among holiday makers and beach lovers, Indonesia has some of the best Islands and Beach Resorts. Places like Jakarta and Bali are very popular among tourists and honeymoon couples.
Tourists in Maldives

3.   Maldives: Maldives is one of the most gorgeous holiday destinations. Situated in the Indian Ocean, Maldives not only has Beautiful Beaches, but also spectacular Natural beauty. The capital Male is popular among tourists and Honeymoon couples. The Island Nation is visited by tourists from all over the world.
Temple in Combodia

4.  Cambodia:  After having a dramatic past, Cambodia got up and developed host of tourist attractions. The Nation gained popularity in the last decade or so. Cambodia is a soothing quiet place with Beautiful Temples, Canals and Bridges. Tourists who love Religious and sacred places will love visiting Cambodia.
Tourists in Macau

5.   Hong Kong/Macau: Hong Kong and Macau are two small, but beautiful tourist attractions. Hong Kong is a metropolis with Business Districts and Skyscrapers, while Macau is a party place with Casinos and Nightlife. Besides that, they have Vibrant Beaches, Exotic Food and Reasonable shopping. We have a Blog on Hong Kong, click: .To read our Blog on Macau, click:
Tourists in Mauritius

6.   Mauritius: Situated in the Indian Ocean, the Island Nation of Mauritius is a Magnificent Holiday Destinations. It is one of the best tourist spots in Africa with millions of tourists visiting every year. Apart from Beaches, the country has Breath-taking Landscapes, Water sports, Temples and Incredible Natural Beauty. To read more on Mauritius, visit our Blog:
Tourists in Seychelles

7.  Seychelles: Seychelles is another African Gem famous for its Forests, Beaches and Sea Life.  The 115 Islands in this country have everything you need for a perfect holiday. The year round pleasant climate makes it a great holiday destination.
Tourists in Fiji.

8.    Fiji: Fiji is a small beautiful Island Nation in the Pacific between Japan and The US.  Fiji is a quiet and Breath-taking place with white sands, Blue waters and Incredible Coral Reefs. In fact, Fiji is one place where Coral Reefs are on the Sea shores, no need to go diving. Fiji is a different experience altogether.
Tourists in Kenya

9.   Kenya: Kenya is a warm and adventurous place.  Kenya is a Wildlife Paradise with Animals from all shapes and sizes. Apart from Wildlife, Kenya offers Spectacular Mountain Tours and Breath-taking Beaches. If you want to experience that famous African Safari, Kenya is the place to go.
Tourists in Trinidad & Tobago

10. Trinidad and Tobago:  Part of the Caribbean, Trinidad and Tobago is a vibrant place for holiday makers. Trinidad got wealth and recognition by producing sugarcane. Now they are developing their Beaches, landscapes and Buildings into attractive tourist spots. Tourism is not much right now, but is growing exponentially.

These were 10 Exotic Holiday Destinations with Visa On-Arrival. A Funny thing about all of them is that they are all Beach Destinations. There are many other countries with Visa On-Arrival, but they are lagging behind in Tourism. If you have more Exotic Places to suggest, Comment Down below…..
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