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What is Boeing 797- Do we need it?


Boeing 797 is a highly rumoured jetliner expected to be launched by Boeing.  The main idea behind the 797 is that it will be a “Middle of the Market Jet” with Medium Range and Medium capacity. This jet is expected to have a capacity of 220-270 passengers. It is said to fit in between the B737 and the B787. Some experts think that it is an enhanced version of the B757, but it is entirely a new Aircraft. If the 797 is launched, it will replace the B757 and the B767. Why do we require this Jet? What special purpose will it serve? In this Blog, we will discuss the need for the 797. Let’s get started…...


Airbus and Boeing are offering different classes of Airplanes. The A320 and B737 family is capable of flying 170-220 passengers and with a range of 4000-6000 kms. The range and capacity vary from variant to variant. The A330 and B787 can carry 250 to 330 passengers and has a range between 12000 to 15000 kms. A350 and B777 carry between 300 and 420 passengers, with a range between 12000 to 17000 kms. Finally, we have the A380 and the B747 carrying 450- 600 passengers up to a range of 16000 kms. Thus, we can say that both Manufacturers are offering Planes to fit every market., but there is a requirement for a jet which can carry 220-270 passengers up to a range of 10000 kms.

Boeing 767

The Boeing 797 will have a Medium design, fitting between the 737 and 787. In short, it will be a mixture of 757 and 767. The Airplane will be built to operate Medium Haul routes efficiently. The 787-8 can operate these routes, but the problem is the 787 is designed for Long Haul Routes. The B787-8 has big fuel tanks for that Long range, making the Take-off weight higher. Hence, it will be inefficient on Medium Haul routes. The New 737 Max can hold up to 230 seats but has a range of around 6000 kms. The 797 will come in between.

Boeing 787

Some Routes where the 797 is required include Singapore-Hanoi, Delhi-Perth, Beijing-Zurich, Melbourne-Manila, New York-Glasgow, London-Calgary, Boston-Manchester, Tokyo-Vancouver, etc. Mainly it will serve small cities and big cities with Medium demand. Delta and United have plans of operating flights from East coast of the US to Western parts of Europe. Routes in Asia will benefit from the 797. The biggest advantage of the 797 will be in the Asian market in the next few decades. It is thus, an important jet to operate point to point flights efficiently.


Can Airbus compete with the 797? Yes, in fact very well. The 797 will be launched by the end of this year and is expected to enter service by 2025. Airbus has a lot of time to pitch in their A321 LR and A330-800 jets. These variants of the A320 and A330 family have a lot of characteristics that the 797 has. The A321 LR can fly up to 8000 kms with around 210 passengers. The A330-800 can fly 240-260 passengers up to 14000 kms. In fact, some Airlines have asked Airbus to include a Cargo section in the A330-800 and reduce its range a bit. If Airbus acts according to these Airlines, it can grab a lot of orders. Similarly, it can stretch the A321 LR a bit to fit a few more passengers. If Airbus does so, it can convince Airlines to purchase their jets instead of waiting for 797. The biggest advantage with the A321 LR and A330-800 is that they are available in the market and can be immediately entered into service.

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