Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Party Time in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is situated in the United States in the western state of Nevada.  This city of over a million people enjoys 300 days of sunshine a year. Las Vegas is considered as a party place for people. The city is flooded with Big Casinos, Vibrant Nightlife and Theme based Hotels. All Hotels have their own Casinos and Nightlife. Apart from being a Gambling Paradise, it is one of the best places for Holiday and Romance.  Surrounded by Desert, Las Vegas enjoys a warm and Pleasant climate all around the year. People visit Las Vegas not for a long time, but for a good time.

Las Vegas is pretty simple to navigate around. The city can be explored by Bus. Get yourself a day pass and hang around the city. When you are in the Las Vegas strip, it is advisable to walk around as all attractions are one after the other. The strip is full of Hotels designed on famous cities. Some of them are- Paris Paris and New York New York. They have replicas of Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty and many other famous sights of the world. Visit The Venetian for a great experience. If you are not staying at these places, don’t worry, you can visit these Hotels and Casinos. They are open for general public. In the evening, enjoy the Beautiful Bellagio Dancing Fountains. These Fountains are one of the distinctive features of Las Vegas and are highly recommended.

The Fremont Street in Downtown area is flooded by Casinos, Piano Bars and Cocktail Lounges. The city is vibrant and will keep you entertained all the time.  It’s like visiting another planet, a pleasure planet. The outskirts of the city are also entertaining and beautiful. The Grand Canyon is a sight highly recommended. It takes around an hour from the city via Helicopter or small plane. There are Tours to Grand Canyon by many Tour Companies. It’s Breath-taking scenery. At the end, take a helicopter ride over Las Vegas. The ride can be taken at night, and also in the day. Depends on your preferences.

Food is exotic in Las Vegas. The diverse culture and wealthy lifestyle have attracted cuisines from all over the world. It’s easy to find Asian and European food here. Fast food joints are all over the place. Restaurants are not only in streets, but also inside all famous Hotels. Apart from restaurants, many areas in the city are full of Cafes, Piano Bars and Cocktail Lounges. Hence, Food and Dinning won’t be a problem here.

Shopping in Las Vegas is Luxury. Wealth flows from its shopping centers and Malls. All major Luxury Brands are available here. Sadly, shopping is expensive and caters mostly to the Elite. You may find some places for reasonable items, but we would recommend to focus on exploring the city. Spend money on entertainment, Gambling and Partying. Las Vegas is not a place for shopping.
Grand canyon

Las Vegas is a well-served city with Rail, Road and Air. Las Vegas Airport is well connected with many International carriers flying in. it may not be served by all major carriers, but welcomes some of them. Airlines such as British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, American Airlines and United have regular services here. If you want to enjoy the countryside and the Deserts of Nevada, take a Road trip. The road between Los Angeles and Las Vegas is scenic. Rail is a good option to add some speed to your countryside experience. Whether it’s Rail, Road or Air; you will have a blast in Las Vegas.

So, go ahead and party hard!

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