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How to Prevent Travel Sickness

Fighting Travel Sickness.
Sickness is very bad during Travels. It can not only spoil your Tour, but may also force you to terminate the trip. When travellers are in a foreign land, they are exposed to a different culture and eating habits. Apart from eating habits, Air and Water differ from place to place. Hence, it is important for every traveller to make sure that he/she is healthy when away from home. In this blog, we will share few  things which will prevent you from falling sick. If followed religiously, it will enhance your travel experiences.

Travel Sickness
Things you should do to keep yourself healthy are as follows:

1.   Health Before Departure: It is important to note that you are healthy one month before your travels. Avoid travelling if you have just recovered/Partially recovered from any sickness. Being healthy before your travels add up to that travel experience.

2.    Medical Kit: Carry a small medical kit with a few basic medicines and ointments. They will help you in quickly coping up with any minor sickness. Make sure you carry small amounts and only those medicines which suit your body.

3.    Immunity: If a person’s Immunity is strong, chances of him/her getting sick are bleak. So, make sure that your Diet and Lifestyle are good. A weak immunity increases the probability of falling sick.

4.     Fruits: it is advisable to replace Lunch or Dinner with a few servings of Fruits. Don’t replace it with breakfast as it gives energy for the whole day. Best would be to replace it with Lunch. A big glass of fruit juice will also serve the purpose.

5.  Eat in Limits: Whatever meal you have, have in limits. This would help avoid overeating. As discussed above, when you will replace Lunch with fruits, it will also help avoid overeating.

6.   Water: Water is the most essential part of life. Quality of water differs from place to place. In many countries, Tap Water is pure enough to drink. But there are countries where you have to purchase mineral water. Ask the locals for more idea. In case the  water doesn’t suit you, try boiling on an electric cattle.

7.    Eat what Locals Prefer: Apart from asking locals on eating place, look for places where most of the locals are going. If there is a place where everyone is going, this is a sign of good food. Make sure to avoid places where you sense unusual smell.

8.   Become Vegetarian: There may be only a few countries where you would find vegetarian food. India is one country where you will find exotic vegetarian food, which is very healthy. If you are not travelling to India, there are Indian restaurants all around the globe. Though other cuisines also have Vegetarian dishes, but Indian cuisine has the biggest variety to choose from.

9.  Exercise: Make sure that you do basic small exercises for half an hour daily. It maintains healthy blood circulation and boosts metabolism.

10. Walking: Walking is a great way to explore a new place. Besides, it also keeps you healthy. It is a great way to be healthy, save money and explore places.

These were some suggestions on how you can keep yourself healthy and prevent sickness. So, go ahead and have a Healthy Trip!

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  1. Article could be clearer.. It's dealing primarily with sickness brought on by things consumed, not necessarily "travel sickness or motion sickness".
    Thos who do suffer from travel / motion sickness brought on by the transportation could benefit from Nevasic, look it up.

    For other sickness - during travel - brought on by things other than transport - the tips in this article are ideal.