Thursday, 9 June 2016

The German City of Cologne

On the banks of the River Rhine, lies the city of Cologne. Cologne is one of the most attractive and beautiful cities in Europe. The city has always been popular among tourists visiting Germany. People in Cologne are very open-minded and friendly. They warmly welcome tourists and visitors. Cologne organizes many events and carnivals. Events are Professional, Cultural and Historical. With around 4 million visitors each year, Cologne is a vibrant and beautiful city in Germany.

Getting around Cologne is convenient and easy. Exploring the city on foot is a great option. When you are tired of walking, jump on to the Trams.  Trams from the New Market area can take you to almost anywhere in the city.  The monuments and buildings in Cologne date back almost 2000 years. The architecture depicts rich and historic Roman culture. The one sight that dominates the city’s horizon is the Cologne Cathedral.  As one of the biggest churches, the Cologne Cathedral took over 600 years to build. It is the centerpiece of Cologne, and one of the most visited in Germany.

Cologne Cathedral may be the best attraction, but there are many other sights as well in Cologne. They include Cologne Tower, Museum Ludwig, Great St. martin Church, HohenZollern (Lovelock) Bridge over Rhine, Old Town, Chocolates Museum, Rhine Harbour, Belgian Quarter, Rhine Park, Cologne Zoo and Small Istanbul.  After visiting these sights, take a relaxing cruise on the River Rhine. The cruise is breath-taking and gives you an opportunity to cherish the beautiful city.
Rhine River

Cologne may be ruled by German traditions, but it also has diverse cultures. Cologne specialises in different types of European food. Small Istanbul is a paradise for having Turkish food. A host of Turkish Restaurants offer a sumptuous Turkish cuisine. Apart from Turkish cuisine, you will also find food from Eastern European countries as well. Many people migrated to Germany in the past from East Europe, hence bringing their culture with them. Besides European food, other Asian and American cuisines can also be found in Cologne. At the end, don’t forget to taste the local beer, called Kolsch.
Kolsch Beer Cologne

Shopping in Cologne is decent. Shopping malls and districts are all around the city. These sell goods from all over Europe. Eastern Europeans have also contributed to the shops here. The Small Istanbul has a lot of shops selling Turkish goods. As Cologne has lots of Carnivals, you will also find Carnival costumes in stores. At the end, don’t forget to purchase famous Perfumes of Cologne.

Getting to Cologne is easy. Cologne Airport is 15 minutes from the city. On the other hand, Dusseldorf Airport is an hour drive from Cologne. Depending on your Airline, you can choose any of these. But, there are only few Airlines flying on these routes. One great option may be to land at Frankfurt and take a train. Frankfurt is around 190 kms, hence a 2-3 hour journey on the train can be considered. It will give you a glimpse of the countryside as well. Lufthansa is the National carrier with base in Frankfurt, and services all around the world. If Lufthansa doesn’t operate at your place, there are plenty of major carriers flying into Frankfurt.

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