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How to Get US Visa

US Visa is a big project in a traveller’s life. It is often considered as a tough and long task. Many people even hire agents for it. But the truth is slightly different. If a few things are taken care, It’s not that difficult. Applicants just need to use their minds a little and get rid of a few Myths for easy qualification. In this blog. We will tell you about things you need to make sure while applying. Further. We will discuss about some common Myths of US Visa. Please note that the tips and suggestions are for B1/B2 Business & Tourism visa as per May 2016. Rules may/may not change by the time you read the blog.


Things to make sure before applying:

1.      Avoid Agents: The First and foremost step is to avoid any Visa agents. They often charge more and sometimes even exploit you by giving false hopes. Only the Consulate at the window can give you a Visa. In some cases, it has also been noticed agents filling wrong information in the application form resulting in Visa rejection.

2.    Apply Yourself: Applying for US Visa is easy. Just visit their website and fill the DS-160 form. The form is long and may take half an hour to fill. Specify everything honestly as your Interview will be wholly based on it. Also, In case of any special language and medical assistance, Please enter them.

3.    Be Honest: This is the main requirement in getting the Visa. The Consulate are experienced enough to catch hold of any fake information. Too much faking may even lead to Permanent Denial.

4.   Credentials: When you are applying for a Business/Tourist B1/B2 Visa, there are only two things they are concerned with- Strong Ties in Home country and source of funds. Strong ties simply mean that you must have work or property obligations which will compel you to come back. Source of funds include things like adequate availability, Professional stability and family dependence of the applicant.  Female applicants who are Unmarried and over 21 years have a high probability of rejection as Consulates fear they might settle down by marrying a US citizen. Recently, a Nuclear Scientist from Mumbai was denied Visa with the reason that he might exchange and manipulate nuclear information. Hence, being honest about Work and Profession is very important.
US Visa interview

5.    Documentation: As discussed above that strong ties and funds are the main eligibility points, it is important to have documents for the same. To prove strong ties, you can show Office documents, school/college IDs, Land deeds and Marriage Certificate. IT Returns, Bank statements and salary slips can take care of the Funds part. If you are going for attending an event in the US, related documents are asked. For example, a couple was asked to show the wedding card of the wedding event they wished to attend in the US. If you are part of a tourist group, ask your Travel Agent for a letter to support your travel plans.

6.   Time and Patience: Do all formalities patiently with time in hand. Apply at least 2 months in advance of your travel predictions. Arranging the documents patiently and with precision helps in smooth qualification.

These are some basic points which will help you in getting a US Visa approved. If for any reason, your application gets rejected, the Consulate gives you a document stating the reasons. Read them carefully and re-apply only when those points are taken care of.
US Embassy in Delhi

Some common misconceptions about US Visa:

1.       I cannot get Visa if I have travelled to Pakistan, Iran or any suspicious country.
2.       Some specific Religious Groups are not issued Visa.
3.       My Visa could get rejected if I don’t speak English
4.       My Visa could get rejected if the Consulate mood is not good that day.
5.       I won’t be granted a Visa if any of my relatives is an illegal Immigrant in the US.
6.       A bundle of documents need to be carried on interview.
7.       I can’t give my interview in my local language.
8.       I cannot re-apply before 3 months of application rejection.
9.       Agents can help speed up Visa process.
10.   I can use influence to get Visa.
11.   I can offer bribes to Consulate for granting Visa.
12.   Consulate might not catch hold of my fake information.

Lastly, these Myths should be out of your mind!

All the Best for your Interview!
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