Thursday, 2 June 2016

Beach Holiday in Miami

South Beach Miam
Miami is located on the south-eastern tip of Florida.  It draws travelers with its yearlong sunshine, white sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. More than 5 million people call the metro area home. For tourists, it’s a party place with luxury shopping, exquisite dinning, growing art scene, beautiful beaches and nightclubs.  This Palm Tree line city attracts over 14 million visitors each year. Miami has a number of parks and some of the best beaches in the United States. Thus, if you wish to take on a warm holiday anytime in the year, Miami is the place.

Lincoln Road
Miami is a city of diverse culture and personality. You will find signs of American, Latin American and Cuban culture in its people, food and shopping. The city built besides the waters has many great attractions. These include Lincoln Road on south beach, Little Havana, Downtown Miami, Midtown in the design district, Wynwood area, coral gables, Holocaust memorial on Miami beach, Vizcaya Museum, Seaquarium, Barrier Islands and Jungle Island.  The Jungle Island and Zoo Miami are great places to spend some time with wild animals. These places also get a Thumbs Up from children.
Holocaust memorial

The star attraction in Miami is the Miami Beach. Its bustling promenade, dream cars, sun adoring beach lovers and colourful towers have Miami written all over it.  Make sure that you have a full day to explore the Miami Beach area. Touring and sightseeing buses are a great way seeing the cultural and architectural hotspots on the Island.  You would find hundreds of historic buildings in the pre-world war 2 Art décor district in south beach. In between all this, you can any time get on to a beach to relax.

Food and shopping in Miami is influenced by Cuban and Latin American cultures. Little Havana is a place where you will find Cuban and Latin American culture in full force. While there, don’t miss authentic Cuban cuisine with Cuban coffee. Besides, the city is full of multi-cuisine restaurants, cafes and bars to keep you entertained. Shopping in Miami is lavish and luxurious with fashion, art and décor retailers all around. Midtown and Lincoln Road are some of the best shopping areas with malls and shopping centres. You may not find shopping in Miami that cheap, but quality and variety are outstanding.
Little Havana

Miami is a fairly well connected airport with some big airlines landing here. It may not be served as much as JFK in New York or SFO of San Francisco, but is connected by airlines like British Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Air France, United, Delta and American Airlines. Travellers from Europe and Asia have limited options; else you will require bookings on multiple airlines. If you are visiting from other US cities, Rail and Road are a great alternative.
Zoo Miami

So, pack your bags and enjoy an exotic beach holiday…... 

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