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The Exciting City of Shanghai

Shanghai skyline
Shanghai has been called a lot of things over the years. It’s been called Pearl of the Orient and Paris of the East. Whatever you call it, Shanghai is Exciting.  Shanghai is a fast paced city and centre for Business, Finance and Enterprise. With foreign Nationals from all over the world, it is an International city in China.  With a population of 25 million people, Shanghai is the largest city in the world. A powerhouse to the Chinese economy, the city is full of skyscrapers, Beautiful sights and Luxury shopping. Though Shanghai is famous as a Business and Financial Hub, it is slowly gaining popularity as a tourist destination as well.

Metro at shanghai
Shanghai is a safe and convenient city to go around. The Shanghai Metro runs through all districts of the city. You can visit almost anywhere with the Metro.  Unlike other Chinese cities, Taxis are convenient and cheap here. Make sure to book your taxis in advance through Apps. Other options include side cars and antique motorcycles. Shanghai may be explored on foot as well, but only if you know Chinese. Also, Shanghai is a big city which will force you to take the public transport at some stage or the other.

Shanghai is a blend of ancient Art, Historic Culture and Modern Lifestyle. Famous places to visit in Shanghai include Nanjing Road, Xintiandi Station, Yu Garden, Shanghai Tower, Pearl Tower, Rope Financial Centre, The Bund, Nanpu Bridge and Jing’an Sculpture Park. These places are easily accessible and are flooded with tourists. The Nanjing Road is the most famous among tourists with exclusive shopping, multi-cuisine restaurants and popular nightclubs.

Nanjing Road
Food is a culture in China. Thus, like in other Chinese cities, food is readily available in different varieties. Shanghai is a paradise for food lovers. The great Chinese food and Multi-cultural International cuisines make Shanghai a food paradise. There are nearly 60,000 restaurants in Shanghai, excluding numerous Street stalls and Food Vendors. The best places to eat may be found on Nanjing Road and The Bund. Shanghai is thus a city which likes to eat. So, whether you are American, European, African, and Asian or from any culture, you will find your meal.

The Bund
Shanghai is not only a place for Food Lovers, but also for shopaholics. The city is full of High end shopping Malls, Luxury Boutique stores, Fashion Houses, Affordable Markets and Street Shops. There is something for everyone out here. Luxury shops for the Elite as well as Bargain shops for the middle incomed. Bags, Luggage and Cloth are reasonably priced and famous among tourists. Gadgets should be avoided by tourists as issues of quality and warranty always arises. As China is considered the Manufacturing hub of the world, shopping is cheap and reasonable here. Best place for shopping is on Nanjing Road.
Jing’an Sculpture Park

Shanghai is a well-connected city with National Railways and Bullet Trains. Commuting from any other Chinese city is fast and convenient. The Shanghai International Airport is one of the busiest in the world with flights to all over the globe. Air China, China Eastern and China Southern are the major National carriers connecting Shanghai to the world. Besides them, every major carrier in the world has flights to Shanghai. At the end, don’t forget to download a translator App on your Phone/Tablet as language is a big problem here.

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