Saturday, 18 June 2016

Florence: An Open Air Museum

Florence is like a small and immense open air museum. The Italian city has grown more and more beautiful over the centuries, making it a popular historic destination.  Florence is just a few hour drives from Italy’s Capital Rome.  Tourists usually include Florence in their Europe Tour while visiting Pisa and Rome. The history of Florence dates back to 59th century, making it a city full of Roman Art and Architecture. It is often said that Florence is a place where Leonardo Da Vinci learnt how to Paint. Flooded with Historic Buildings, Beautiful Churches and Popular Monuments; Florence has emerged as a distinctive feature of Europe.

Brunelleschi’s Dome
While going around the city, you will witness extensive Art and Architecture depicting stories of History, War and Life.  Streets today crowded with Tourists, are the same ones through which Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo and many other of the most illustrious minds of all time threaded their way.  As Florence is a small city, getting around is fairly easy. In fact, you can explore the whole city in 2 days.  Explore the city on foot to closely cherish its beauty.  Places to visit include the Uffizi Gallery, Galleria dell’Accademia, Piazza del Duomo, Brunelleschi’s Dome. Make sure that nearly all Museums in Florence are closed on Mondays, and also have strict timings. Book tickets in advance as Ticket Lines here may be long.

Food in Florence is great. Restaurants and Cafes are filled with wide variety of Italian Food and Desserts. Beef, Sea Food and Breads are very famous. Streets are filled with Snack corners and Cafes serving dishes from Florence and other parts of Tuscany. Italian Desserts such as Gelato, Pastries and cakes are very popular. Desserts here are so exotic, they will compel you to give up your diet plans for a few days.
Shopping market in Florence Italy

Shopping is decent here with shops and street markets all around the city. You will find Italian Leather goods at many places. They are great and must be tried. Souvenirs of famous buildings and monuments can be found everywhere. Buy some to take back memories of this beautiful city. Apart from these, shopping is as it is in other cities. We would advise to invest your time more in sightseeing and getting around.  Consider shopping only when you have extra time at hand.

The best way of getting to Florence is by Rail. Though Florence has an Airport, but it’s not well served. There are two more Airports, but they are far from the city and served only by Low Cost Carriers. If you are coming from other parts of Europe, Rail is the best option. Roads and Highway networks are also good around Florence, but are often suffering from huge traffic jams. Visit Florence along with other nearby cities like Rome and Pisa. Visitors from other Continents should club Florence with their Europe Tour. Arriving at Rome or Milan, and taking a train to Florence will also give you a glimpse of the countryside. Both Rome and Milan are well connected Airports and it’s easy to find flights to them.

So, go ahead and experience the Art, Architecture and History of Florence.’

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