Sunday, 29 May 2016

Eurostar:The Ultimate Rail Experience

A large number of people travelling to Europe, plan to take the Eurostar. High speed trains are very famous in Europe. As distances between Nations are small, trains provide a great convenience while travelling around the continent. The Eurail network covers all European countries with regular service. But there is one distinctive feature of the European Rail Network – The Eurostar. Eurostar runs between London and Paris, and also London to Brussels. These two routes have helped people from UK to enter other European countries and vice versa. The Eurostar has also played an important role in increasing tourism in the continent with effective and efficient services.

London St. Pancras
Started in 1994, millions of people travel from Eurostar every year. It starts from London St. Pancras station and goes to Paris Gare du Nord station. Similarly, it travels from London St. Pancras to Brussels-Midi station. The journey takes around 2 hours 30 mins. The train passes under the sea in an underground tunnel. The tunnel is famously called the English Channel Tunnel. On reaching Paris/Brussels, you can easily board trains to the city centre on the local subway system. Besides, you can also take trains to other parts of Europe as well. The Eurostar has been a big hit among tourists coming on Europe Tour. They include Eurostar while going from Paris or Brussels to London.

Gare du Nord eurostar station
The Eurostar is just like a flight. You first check in with your ticket, pass Immigration and then board the train. The ticket includes your coach and seat number. On board, you have luggage spaces in the front and rear of the coach where large bags can be placed. Seats have overhead space for small bags. The seats are roomy and comfortable as compared to an airplane. You have the privilege of using any electronic device at any time of the journey.  Like Airlines, it has multiple classes of seating as well. Classes like Business and standard premium provide power sockets to charge your devices as well.

on board buffet eurostar train
Visit the on board buffets and buy hot/cold beverages including alcoholic. There are a variety of wholesome dishes and quick and tasty snacks. In some premium classes, food and drinks are served on your seat.  It is thus, a flight like experience. As the Eurostar whisks you off at 180 miles an hour, you will see beautiful sights of the countryside. The outskirts of England, France and Belgium are breath-taking. This is the reason why travellers prefer it over flight. It is not only time saving but also cost effective.
Inside eurostar

Eurostar has huge expansion plans as well. In a few years, Eurostar is expected to connect London with cities like Marseille, Madrid, Zurich and Milan. This will make high speed train travel more convenient and develop Europe into a rail paradise. The best part about these expansion plans would be the views of the Alps, Natural Flora and Fauna of Europe. Getting to Eurostar is easy. Just travel to London, Paris or Brussels and board. If you are in a different European city, take a train to either of them and enjoy…..
Brussels-Midi eurostar station

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