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How to Reduce Weight of Your Travel Bag

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Travelling light is something all travellers want. Some are able to do it, while some struggle in reducing their baggage weight. Your Luggage size and weight depends on various factors like duration of trip, purpose of trip, personal preferences and unavoidable circumstances. In some situations, you are not at all able to reduce your luggage weight. But, there are some things that every traveller could do to minimize their burden. Travelling light not only helps in comfortable travel, but also saves you from overweight charges. Airlines have strict baggage allowance rules. Usually, an economy class passenger is allowed 7 kgs in hand luggage and 23kgs in check in. Business and First class passengers are offered 10-20 kgs more. Hence, it’s important to check weight of your luggage before you leave.

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In this blog, we will give you some suggestions on how to reduce your luggage weight. There are some small things which make a big impact. Following are a few suggestions to make your travel easy and enjoyable;

1.    Clothing: Don’t carry too many clothes unless required. If you are travelling to a warm place, replace jeans with shorts or capris. For cold places, take only 2-3 pairs of jeans/Jackets/sweater, enough to wear alternatively for 10-15 days. Number of shirts may be increased. Keep a small pouch for basic toiletries.  Avoid big shavers; some small razors will do it for you.

2.    Food: Avoid taking too many snacks and packaged food, they occupy extra space. Carry more only if you are unsure of local food availability at your destination. Also, check with Airport Authorities at your destination of what is allowed and what is not. If you have connecting flights, check with the transit airport as well.
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3.     Gadgets: Gadgets help you in capturing moments and connecting with family, but too many gadgets can cause problems. Replace Laptop with Tablet; if possible manage only with your smart phone. Purchase a multi-point charger which can charge your Phone/Tablet/Camera to avoid multiple chargers. Don’t carry different cameras for video and still photography, cameras today are multipurpose. Lastly, purchase small and sleek gadgets.

4.    Medicines: Carry medicines which are unavoidable. Replace boxes with plastic pouches, and carry only to serve your duration. For example; if you need 10 tablets, don’t carry its box having 30. Pouches give you space for squeezing other items.

5.  Avoid Unnecessary Stuff: Items such as hair dryers, jewellery, Towels, additional phones and fashion accessories can be avoided. In fact, when you have your phone, watches can be avoided. Some women carry jewellery on vacations. Not required unless you are visiting any solemn occasion.
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6.   Footwear: Put a pair of shoes while going, a pair extra and a slipper in luggage. That’s all you need, unless you have any unavoidable circumstances.

7.    Organize well: Place your stuff in a proper and neat manner in your bag. Many times it saves space to accommodate other things. Also, look for bags with lot of pockets.

These are some small things which make a big difference in reducing the weight and number of your Luggage. Some may sound too small, but when implemented makes your travel easy and hassle free.
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