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Heaven on Earth : Switzerland

Swiss Alps
As one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Switzerland has always been in the bucket list of every traveller. With a population of around 8 million, it is situated in Central Europe. Switzerland is the 2nd most Alpine country after Austria with 60% area in Alps. The vast Alpine region, Natural greeneries and snow-capped mountains makes it one of the most breath-taking places in the world. This small country is well connected with Railway, which not only runs in the plains, but also over and under the mountains. Thus, it is easy to travel around this magnificent country. Cities to visit include Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Interlaken and Engelberg.

Lake Zurich
Zurich is a picturesque city filled with culture and commerce.   The city is settled around Lake Zurich and is a blend of Natural Beauty, Art and Architecture. Compared to large mega cities, Zurich is like a village with only 400,000 people. Besides being the economic and social centre of Switzerland, Zurich is also one of the most expensive cities in the world.  Places to see in Zurich include Grossmunster Cathedral, Lake Zurich, Swiss Central Alps and St. Peter Church. Besides, the city is also full of fountains and public parks. Don’t forget to take a cruise on Lake Zurich.

Geneva is the 2nd largest city in Switzerland. It is located in the far west of the country on the shores of Lake Geneva.  Geneva is compact, classy and a cosmopolitan city. Also home to the United Nations, the culture and people here are from all around the world. Besides, being a political International hub, Geneva is a lively city with diverse people. Cafes and restaurants are all around the place for hanging around. Lake Geneva is the best attraction here.
Lion Memorial Lucern

Lucerne is a small and beautiful town, which travellers should not miss. The city has picturesque sights such as Old Town, Chappell Bridge, Lion Memorial, Transit Museum, Lake Lucerne and Mt. Titlis. To go to Mt. Titlis, you need to take a train to the town of Engelberg.  Engelberg is an hour away from Lucerne by train, and is a beautiful town to see. Take the cable car up to the Mt. Titlis. You will have to change cable cars twice with the last cable car being a revolving one. The views from Titlis are spectacular and breath-taking. As the town of Engelberg is near Lucerne and Interlaken, it’s a great place to stay with reasonable hotels.
Mt. Titlis

Interlaken is a town 40 miles from Lucerne and is also an option for stay. The most scenic journey in whole Switzerland is the Jungfrau. The scenic train journey to Jungfrau starts from Interlaken.  There are 2-3 stopovers involving train change.  The journey from Interlaken to Jungfraujoch station takes around 2 hours. The whole journey is on the mountains, with the last leg inside tunnels under the mountains. The top is at around 11,700 feet with observation decks, open areas to play with snow, cafes and restaurants. You can also buy souvenirs from different shops. Temperatures here are around minus 12 degrees with scenes of glaciers all around. A full day here is highly recommended.

Switzerland is famous for its watches, Chocolates, Knives and cow bells. Make sure that you shop for them. If you are a chocolate lover, Switzerland is a paradise for you. It is the most popular place in the world for chocolates. Swiss chocolates are exported all over the world and are a great present that you can take for loved ones. People interested in buying Gold Coins can find high quality hallmark coins here. Food in Switzerland is good. Zurich and Geneva have multi-cuisine restaurants and cafes all around. Hot chocolate is very famous in Switzerland and a must when visiting Jungfrau and Mt. Titlis.
Swiss Chocolates

Getting to Switzerland is easy. When coming from other European cities like Rome, Vienna, Paris,  etc.; consider Rail or Road. Europe is best explored by Rail/Road. If you are visiting only Switzerland, flights to Zurich and Geneva are available from all major Hubs of the world. Swiss Air is the national airline and has a wide network to bring passengers to Switzerland. If you are clubbing Switzerland with other European countries, you may have less time to fully explore this beautiful country. Have a special holiday to Switzerland with at least 10 days to fully experience this Alpine Nation.

Happy Travelling…..
Swiss Rail

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