Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Canadian City with a French Soul : Montreal

St. Lawrence River in Montreal
Montreal is located in the middle of the St. Lawrence River in Quebec province of Canada.  It is Canada’s 2nd largest city and has the largest population of French speakers outside Paris.  Montreal is a Canadian city with a French soul and a big heart.  The city offers world class festivals, Arts, Entertainment and Dinning. Montreal is a historic city with buildings as old as the 17th century. The city has a lot of magnificent churches which add to the beauty of the city. Thus, Montreal is a city which offers everything to its visitors.

Getting around the city is easy and comfortable. The Metro connects whole of the city over and underground. If you are staying for a few days, you can get a pass to hang around the city. But if you wish to have the best experience of the city, hire a bike from many of the bike stations. The city hosts over 100 festivals throughout the year. Hence, something cool is always on here. Places to see in Montreal includes Christchurch Cathedral, Notre-dame Basilica , Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, Mount Royal Park, Montreal Biodome, Montreal Insectarium, Montreal Botanical garden, Japanese Zen garden, Chinese garden, La Ronde Amusement Park  and Montreal Olympic Stadium.

Food is great in Montreal. The streets are full of Cafes and Restaurants serving different cuisines especially French food. One of the famous dishes here is Poutine dish. Do try it, it’s delicious. The old town area is a great place for dinning. While roaming around the city, you can easily grab a bite at its street cafes and Restaurants.  Besides, there are a host of multi-cuisine restaurants around the city. Whether you are Asian, American, and European or from any other culture, you would find your food.
Old Town Montreal

Shopping is good here. Old Montreal and Downtown areas are filled with shopping centres and malls. You can find famous brands of clothing, boutiques and accessories. Shops serve all types of people. So, if you are looking as Montreal had a French history, you will find a lot of fashion houses and fashion accessories. There are some street markets for affordable goods. Hence, Montreal shopping is a blend of Canadian and French goods.
Montreal Biodome.

Montreal Airport is a well-connected airport in Canada. Besides, domestic carriers, many International Airlines serve Montreal Airport. Air Canada and Air Transcend are Canadian carriers having International services from Montreal. Other Airlines flying into Montreal are British Airways, American Airlines, Delta, Air France and Lufthansa. If you are visiting from nearby cities like Ottawa and Toronto, take a road trip to Montreal. Montreal is a 5-6 hour drive from these places. Railways are also a great alternative with services all around Canada.
Montreal Olympic Stadium

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