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Los Angeles : The Home of Hollywood

Hollwood Hill, LA
Los Angeles is situated in southern California on the west coast of the United States. Home to 18 million people, Los Angeles is the biggest city in California.  The home of Hollywood is also home to some of the greatest celebrities on Earth. Its glamorous culture and wealth makes it a city of Sun, Dreams and Prosperity.  The Entertainment Industry and openness to new ideas has made this city a magnet to dreamers.  Downtown Los Angeles is a center for global business and home to some of the finest examples of American Civic Architecture.  With people from all around the world, Los Angeles enjoys the status of being a great cultural capital of the world.

Griffith Park, LA
Public transport in LA is good. You can ride on the Metro or take the Bus. The whole city is well connected and well organised. In fact, you can also walk around the city as navigation is easy. The Union Station is one of world’s great railway stations. It has been featured in more than 30 big budget movies.  The J Town or Little Tokyo is home to Buddhist temples, galleries and museums.  While you are here, try some super fresh Sushi. Half a mile to the west, is the Walt Disney Music Hall. This stainless steel wonder is a beautiful attraction. Besides, you can visit Los Angeles county Museum of Art, Beverley Hills, Sunset strip, Griffith Park and Disneyland Park. If you are a beach Lover, visit the Long Beach.  It is an ideal destination for families. The Venice Beach is another popular beach, explore it if you can.

Head north to Hollywood, the Epicenter of worlds Entertainment industry. Track down your favorite star on the Historic Hollywood Walk of Fame. The walk is almost 3 and half miles long with over 2500 stars. Thereafter, visit the Kodak Building which gives you the best view of Hollywood Hills. Keep a full day reserved for the famous Universal Studios. It is the oldest continuously running movie studio in America. It features a Theme Park based around its blockbuster movies and popular TV shows. However, the star attraction is the Studio Tour. This Tour takes you around different shooting sets, sound stages and back-lots. Some of the sets have been featured in dozens of movies and are still in use today. It’s an attraction no visitor should ever miss.
Disneyland Park  Los Angeles.

Food and Shopping in LA is also good. When it comes to food, you would find a wide variety of Mexican and Japanese food. Little Tokyo is best for fresh sushi. Besides, you would find a lot of Indian and Chinese restaurants. A large number of Indian and Chinese expats have successfully spread their food culture in LA. European and other famous cuisines can also be easily found here. Thus, food will not be a problem for visitors. As LA is a glamorous and luxurious city, shopping may be a little problem as it’s expensive. Many shopping streets and arcades have high prices and usually made for the elite. We would suggest you to focus more on sightseeing rather than shopping.
Little Tokyo, LA

Los Angeles International is one of the busiest and well connected Airports on the planet. United and American Airlines have regular flights to LA from major destinations around the world. Besides, almost every major carrier of the world has flights to LA. Thus, you can find flights from almost anywhere in the world. If you are visiting LasVegas also, take a road trip to Los Angeles.
Los Angeles Venice Beach

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